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How Ramotion Is Disrupting the Notion of Brand Identity


Ramotion opened their doors back in 2011 and have gone from strength to strength as a design agency that supports many businesses to grow and diversify. Rather than taking a traditional approach, Ramotion has changed the goalposts and offers a bespoke service with full attention to client satisfaction.

Where They Started

When Ramotion first started to trade, they registered their business in the USA. Doing this gave them access to large US corporations, but they decided to operate a dispersed staffing model with an increasing number of employees based in Europe and the US. The result of this is a team that offer high-quality digital design services across the globe.

When Ramotion started out in 2011, no one could have guessed the trajectory their design agency would take. Find out more about this company here.

Right at the start of their trading, Ramotion designed an app called Turnplay that offered a digital record-player that could be used to play music. The app was hugely successful and was even featured on USA Today as a nostalgic and fun app that would offer users hours of fun.

The Firefox Revolution

When Firefox contacted Ramotion to redesign their brand, it became a project that would help to relaunch a whole host of products offered by the umbrella company. There were many dedicated Firefox website users that would need to be taken on the journey and a whole new audience that the brand wanted to interest.

Ramotion set to work to come up with a brand that was new but yet recognisable and took a collaborative approach with Firefox to let them decide the selection of products that they wanted to redesign. Firefox deliberately left the goals broad and wanted to see what natural evolution took place when choosing the products that they wanted to incorporate.

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The result was a cohesive package of products that appealed to the new and old client base and gave Firefox the new lease of life they were looking for.

More Than Just a Brand Identity Service

Whilst Ramotion is well known for its brand identity design service, and they also offer a range of other capabilities that their clients can use. From UI/UX design and website design to app development and design systems, their portfolio is bursting with examples of their previous work for a vast number of big-name clients.

When Tile reached out to work with Ramotion, their research showed that only 29% of users completed the activation process successfully. With a product that raised $2.6 million through a self-starter campaign and a wide-reaching user base, it was up to Ramotion to improve the user experience and convert more people to being active users. Ramotion designers had the goal of making the activation process as simple as possible, and after they had finished activations, more than doubled, with 60% of users successfully completing the activation process.

A startup focused on preventing fraud, both online and offline, employed the expertise of Ramotion to develop a trustworthy brand identity. However, the relationship did not end there, as Ramotion became active partners in all aspects of the design process, including the creation of UX and UI for the web user interface and the development of animated video clips to be shared on social media as part of a marketing campaign.

Design Agency of the Future

Ramotion likes to work with businesses as a part of a collaborative partnership when it comes to brand identity, improving customer experience and marketing campaigns. Taking a proactive approach to really getting to know and understand a business and the motivation behind the development of a company, Ramotion experts then use their knowledge to create meaningful logos, colours and messaging.

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As people have more choice over the companies that they interact with, brand identity becomes ever more important. Building a successful brand with consistency in messaging gives companies the edge, and Ramotion is a design agency that has shown time and again that they deliver what is expected, and then some. By keeping the company small, Ramotion dedicate their time to a few clients at a time to ensure commitment to a project. We are surely going to see more from this design agency in the future as companies realise the need to rebrand and build professional brand identities to ensure a successful future.

Britta Hedlund