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Real estate lead generation companies have been scrambling to update their marketing efforts with Artificial Inteligence. None have exemplified the shift to A.I. better than Alen and Jake, the two founders of the successful real estate lead data company, RareLeads.

RareLeads is a company that was engineered to revolutionize the real estate industry with its unique approach. While other companies use the traditional methods with 50/50 chances, Alen and Jake take a media-buying approach with a fully customized CRM built based on a Harvard Business Review on the best practices for lead response management. Additionally, unlike most lead generation companies, RareLeads takes a data-driven approach to ensure their marketing messages reach the most high-intent buyers and sellers.

Apart from their state-of-the-art lead acquisition, RareLead’s Harvard-backed software with a built-in AI easily converts leads to buyer or seller appointments with minimal human interaction.

Apart from their state-of-the-art lead acquisition, RareLead’s Harvard-backed software with a built-in AI easily converts leads to buyer or seller appointments with minimal human interaction. Using a combination of highly accurate media buying and a Harvard-backed follow-up system, it can be challenging to come by another system that gets so much out of every lead.

“The Harvard-backed follow-up gets you on the phone with every lead within five minutes and takes care of the follow-up,” explained Alen and Jake. “Up to six times, giving RareLeads a five-time better conversion than Zillow.”

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Despite the intense competition in the lead-generating industry, RareLead is the only provider that has every lead think they’ve had the same conversation before. But what sets the company apart from the rest is the quality of its leads and the availability of support for the follow-up system. They are also one of the rare companies in the business without any long-term contract commitment.

The RareLeads support is available 24/7 with a dedicated America-based account manager that typically has a response time of five minutes. Clients also have the option to have a one-on-one with their account manager any week of the day, on the same day. “RareLeads is in your corner, and their month-to-month contract holds them to an extremely high standard of service,” assured the founders.

Alen and Jake founded their company in 2020. Since he was fourteen years old, Alen has been a media buyer, spending millions on Facebook ads and launching multiple successful e-commerce sites from 2013 to 2019. After a string of successful endeavors, he accumulated enough marketing knowledge to shift into real estate media buying for brokerages in exchange for equity. With a unique gift, Alen successfully scaled multiple brokerages and started developing a reputation. Jake was a director of sales for one of the most renowned brokers in Long Island, overseeing more than $300 million in real estate sales a year.

Initially, they went to the same school in their youth, but their newfound careers led them to reconnect in the same industry. When they saw how much success they were bringing to the brokerages they were working with, the partners decided to create their own company, giving birth to RareLeads. Word of mouth spread like wildfire, and the two were highly sought-after in a short period. When Alen and Jake started talking, they realized that what they were doing could help realtors throughout the United States.

Since then, RareLeads has generated over 1,500 recurring monthly users. And while that is an impressive feat, Jake and Alen plan on transforming RareLeads into one of the most dominant names in the real estate service and lead space.

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“We believe the current method of how realtors are generating business online is broken and saturated ,” Alen shared in an interview. “We plan to give the power back to realtors and release a version of our service that can be done in-house for a fraction of the operating cost we currently have. Bringing down costs and handing power back to realtors is our end goal.”