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read aloud to children

At what time to start reading to a child and why read aloud to children

Every parent in the distant future, of course, wants to see their child a successful person. In many ways, this depends on the "grain" that we "plant" in early childhood. One of these grains is reading books aloud for your baby. Reading books for a child is a powerful impetus for the development of his speech, memory, perception of the world around him. What else it contributes to, and what you need to remember, we will talk about in this article.

Reading books for a child is a powerful impetus for the development of his speech, memory, perception of the world around him.

When should I start reading to my baby? What exactly should I read? What for? Will it be useful? - many young mothers and fathers ask themselves a lot of questions. And really, why? After all, a small child does not understand anything at all.

Reading to a baby

The importance of reading books from early childhood is undeniable. Even in the first months, the child, although he does not understand the content, perfectly perceives the rhythm of your language and intonation. This is VERY useful. At this age, it does not matter what exactly you will read to your baby a bedtime story or a women's magazine, it is important that it is aloud and with the right intonation.

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Already from two months, the child sees pictures, more clearly perceives the expression and intonation of your voice. Of course, the child needs to show the objects in question in the pictures, talk about them - here you can not do without children's books. Do not be ashamed to parody the neighing of a horse or the lowing of a cow - all this is fervently and cheerfully stored in the memory of your baby. The same should be done for objects of the external world. The child, associating spoken words with illustrations in books and objects of the external world, intuitively begins to understand the importance of language.

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What reading aloud contributes to:

  • teaches the child communication skills.
  • Introduces basic concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun way.
  • Contributes to improving the skill of perception words and memory and increase vocabulary.
  • Provides information about the world around you.

What to remember when reading books:

Don't take it personally when a toddler rejects reading. Your child seems relaxed and ready to "read", but literally after reading a couple of pages raises a squeak and does not want to continue? Just put the book aside and continue reading later.

Don't be surprised if your baby crawls away while reading a book. Children are naturally restless, they want to move more than sit still. However, this does not mean that the baby does not hear you, keep reading and maybe he/she will come back. 

Don't be angry if your little one tore up the page. You need to understand that babies are stronger than most books and it will not be difficult for them to break the page. Don't want to buy books again and again? Then buy readers with pages made of thick glued cardboard. If the child still tore the pages of your favorite book, do not rush to throw it out, it will still be useful to you.

It is always worth remembering that children whose parents regularly read books, by the age of two, know much more words than their peers deprived of reading.

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Reading books aloud will teach your child to love the sound of their native language before he learns about the existence of a printed word, in addition, it stimulates the development of imagination in the baby and naturally expands the understanding of the world around them. When the rhythm and melody of language becomes a constant part of a child's life, learning to read books will become as natural a process as walking or talking. Read with pleasure!