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Every business that wants to grow will always find the best way to reach out to the largest number of people around the world.

Digital Life Bank (DLB) is going to sponsor the la Liga team Real Betis to be one of their official sponsors and always become part of their wallet users.

Digital Life Bank will sponsor Real Betis Balompié as their official digital wallet provider, demonstrating support for the Seville-based Club through a variety of highly visible branding, advertising, content partnerships, and hospitality initiatives.

Real Betis' basketball, futsal, eSports, and women's football teams will also benefit from the sponsorship.

This multi-year agreement gives sponsorship backing to all Real Betis league teams, with Digital Life Bank the logo prominently displayed on the Cream Real Betis shirt. The DLB brand will also appear on the first football team's shorts.

The company is not planning to remain in Spain, they also want to expand and that is one of the reasons why they are going into the partnership.

We think that the Digital Life Bank is a smart e-wallet that can assist to make life easier for our Spanish clients and Real Betis supporters in Spain by offering them greater control, flexibility, security, and incentives over their money.

DLB's sponsorship of Real Betis is a long-term commitment that will assist the bank's position in Spain to develop well and enable our clients in Spain and Real Betis supporters to make life easier and more fulfilling.

Recently we have noticed a big involvement of real Betis in the crypto world and they became the first club in Spain to release their Virtual Jersey.

They also discover that crypto can be a good investment for them and that a strong digital life Bank is serving as a good sponsor.

Digital Life Bank has a lot to gain in this deal because its main aim is not only the secure the money of its customers but also to extend its Bank to reach out to other people in other countries or continents like Europe, Africa and Asia.

This is the very best way they can start their campaign and promote your business.

Digital Life Bank sponsoring the Jasey simply means that the production of the jersey will be fully sponsored by DLB.

What Digital Life Bank Tends to Gain

Let's now talk about what the company tends to gain from sponsorship.

1. Advertisement

There are several advantages to investing in sponsorship, but the one that stands out the most is brand exposure and awareness, with "brand awareness" accounting for 73% of sport sponsorship spending.

Everything about this contract is all about the football club exposing the company to the world and giving Spain or the Spanish people a good reason to get to know more about them and equally invest with them.

The Football Jersey is one of the most worn cloth in the world and the logo of the brand will be on one side of the cloth as their jersey sponsor.

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Aside from the log rolling on the jersey, they will equally advertise the company at the stadium using the big screen that is shown round around the large one.

2. Jersey Sales

One of the major sources of sources for most of the clubs is the sale they get in sales of the jerseys of their players.

As a sponsor of Jersey, though depending on the agreement with the club, the company can have a percentage at the end of the sales.

3. Exposure to other countries

Football clubs go to away games frequently; if your business's name is on their jersey or other materials such as training kits, you have the potential to promote your brand far and wide at no extra expense.

But, more crucially, by investing in a Football Club in your community, you can instil renewed faith in your company. This is also a powerful and established way for increasing both brand recognition and trust in one fell swoop.

Not to mention the possibility of broadcast matches, internet footage of the team, connected goods, and social media postings sent by a Football Club. This is all included in your investment and contributes to expanding the reach of your brand.

You may find yourself in a position to expand your network of contacts who may elect to invest in your products, services, features, and perks.

Based on the foregoing, calculate your average order value, compare it to your investment price, and then figure out how many sales you would have to accomplish before turning a profit.

Remember that you have a complete season as a member of a Football Club, which is a long time to guarantee that the results are favourable.

According to my own experiences, sponsorship is sometimes perceived as a business parting with money for no return on investment. Of course, this is not the case if you handle sponsorship correctly.

If you have read all the ec0labantions we have provided above you will understand that digital life Bank means business.

On the other hand, the club too can not be left out of the winning team.

It reduces administration expenditures associated with club Jersey. It also alleviates the cost of kit subsidization, training ground upkeep, grounds, and equipment, among other things.

Digital Life Bank Sponsorships can also be used to cover expenditures such as lodging, training, travel, competition fees, fines, and a variety of other items. If your football club wishes to start a project, you may use this notion to fund publicity, venue hire, hospitality, catering, and other formal expenses.


Can DLB fund a football Club Jersey?

Yes, it is possible and they have started the talks about having a big deal with Real Betis of Spain.


Digital life Bank has been making great moves toward showing the world that they are the best.

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There is an equally a link up that there are also sponsoring the world cup in Qatar.

For more information, do well to always visit it here and for any questions, use the comment section.