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RecruiterCentral Is Helping Businesses Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Opportunity

“It is definitely a candidate market, where candidates have more options than I have seen before”

Over the past two years, the effects of a global pandemic have been far reaching, touching every part of daily life. This includes the workplace, where millions of employees are leaving their jobs in search of higher wages, greater safety on the job site, and more meaningful work.

At RecruiterCentral, founder and CEO Luke Doubler works with businesses every day to solve the issues that the Great Resignation poses to company staffing. And as he explains, the shifting nature of the workplace – both physical and philosophical – could present unique opportunities for companies with the agility and creativity to adapt quickly.

“It is definitely a candidate market, where candidates have more options than I have seen before,” Luke explains. “And employers, if they want to compete in this market, have had to make some changes.”

“It is definitely a candidate market, where candidates have more options than I have seen before”

Fortunately, there are ways that employers can attract top-level talent to their companies if they are willing to adjust some of their employee benefits and workplace expectations. And the first step, Luke says, is admitting that it is highly unlikely that we will go back to the way things were in the days before the pandemic.

“Human behavior has changed significantly,” Luke says. “We keep saying that we’re going back, we’re going back – but it will never be the same. It will never be your typical ‘go to the office, work there, return home’ type of schedule.”

Because of this, companies who can embrace either remote work or a hybrid schedule can more effectively find candidates who want flexibility in both their schedule and their work environment. Of course, remote work has its own challenges, as Luke explains.

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“Traveling to an in-person office is becoming significantly irrelevant, but work hours are increasing, believe it or not,” Luke says. “Studies have shown that work hours generally increase when people are working from home in a flexible work environment.”

Company leadership can help their employees in this regard by setting up clear expectations and parameters for when an employee will be expected to work. Because work and home life can sometimes merge together in a remote work environment, it is important for employers to clearly define the roles and responsibilities before a new employee begins their assignment.

And for businesses who are opening their doors again, the demand for safety in the workplace is greater than ever before. Employers must do everything within their power to ensure that their employees feel safe physically and emotionally in the workplace. For some companies, this may require change to employee benefits, focusing on company culture, or placing greater emphasis on mental health support.

“Some people have been at home for the past two years, and they might not be ready to hop back up and get back into an office environment,” Luke says. “There is an ongoing debate about whether more generous or conservative employee benefits will be the best approach.”

For companies that are struggling to fill important positions within the business, Luke says RecruiterCentral can play a vital role. By working directly with hiring managers to identify key characteristics, skills, and experience, RecruiterCentral connects with the best talent in the industry, taking the stress and guesswork out of the process.

And at a time when so many potential candidates are struggling to find direction or pursue the right positions, RecruiterCentral can help both the employers and the employees discover and maximize their opportunities to find meaningful work.

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RecruiterCentral was founded by Luke Doubler to help companies across the United States source the best talent available. To discover how RecruiterCentral is helping companies navigate COVID-19 staffing challenges, please visit