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Richa Dave

There was a time when social media was a platform to interact with near and dear ones. It is still a platform to connect with people but has also become a home ground to create content, generate revenue and educate the audience. Utilizing social media to empower the masses, celebrity makeup artist Richa Dave has made her presence felt on the digital domain with her excellent art and craft. She is a reputed name in Gujarat and holds tremendous experience in makeup and hairstyling. The gifted artist is blessed to have learnt the art of makeup from her mother Urvashi Dave, a popular beautician who coined the beauty studio named ‘Jasmine Beauty Care’ 30 years ago.

With the changing times, Richa has imbibed several changes in her work culture. One such massive change is engaging with the audience on social media. Continuing the legacy of ‘Jasmine Beauty Care’, the celebrity MUA built a strong digital presence and understood what kind of content the clients want to consume. Based on it, she created content about makeup tips, beauty hacks and different types of hairstyling. Sooner, Richa Dave and her team begun with several workshops about beauty and makeup for all the amateur makeup artists. Today her work is inspiring many women who have dreamt of getting into the beauty industry.

Having mastered different types of makeovers, Richa’s most preferred is the bridal makeup look.

Having mastered different types of makeovers, Richa’s most preferred is the bridal makeup look. Her Instagram feed is filled with the stunning makeovers of brides, and it proves that she is a master in her work. When asked about how social media has made it easier for her to educate and impart her knowledge, the makeup artist said, “Well, the internet has made everyone’s life easier. It got proved during the COVID-19 pandemic when work from home became a new norm. I feel fortunate to use social media as a tool to showcase my work and educate women of all age groups about makeup, beauty and hairstyling.”

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Besides conducting beauty webinars, Richa has been in constant touch with her followers through live sessions and Instagram DMs. With a total of more than 450K followers across social media networks, Richa has rightly brought a change with her holistic approach towards work. Earlier many of her beauty programs were telecasted on national television, and now most of the times she is making her presence felt on social media. “Changing yourself with changing times is the only key towards success”, she added. For her outstanding works, Richa Dave found a place for herself in the Limca Book Of World Records twice in 2006 and 2007 respectively.