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Rishabh Shanbhag

Today we connect with Rishabh Shanbhag, who is not only a tech expert but a social media influencer as well. His followers include tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and even digital marketers. Rishabh has also volunteered in the past to spread the word about United Nation’s #GivingTuesday program through his social media. Today, he is here to talk about how internet marketers can make the most of keyword usage on YouTube. 

Q: Mr. Shanbhag, welcome. We cannot thank you enough for making time to talk to us today. You often share your views on different digital marketing techniques. How do you think keyword usage is relevant on YouTube?

A: Well, thank you for inviting me here today. I think keywords play a crucial role everywhere, and YouTube is no exception. YouTube's algorithm works slightly differently than Google's. For example, if you select five keywords for your YouTube video, you can use them as five different timestamps. This will help align your videos to Google Passage's indexing algorithm. That means if someone searches with similar keywords on Google, there are high chances that your video may appear on the first page.

Q: Is it possible to integrate Google My Business with YouTube?

Integrating Google My Business with YouTube can help many businesses target their audience via YouTube.

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A: Of course! Integrating Google My Business with YouTube can help many businesses target their audience via YouTube. For example, the five keywords that you choose can work as your brand description for Google My Business. I often see people not adding citations to their Google My Business NAP or YouTube videos. This may lead to a low number of views. Adding sources and NAPs to your YouTube videos and Google My Business profile may significantly increase traffic organically. Additionally, you can also provide direct links to your YouTube videos on your Google My Business account.

Q: What advice do you have for digital marketers who want to use keywords properly on YouTube?

A: It's not as hard as many think. I feel many marketers randomly use keywords without understanding the importance of keyword selection. It's like throwing a dart blindfolded. You may achieve success, but there's no guarantee. On the other hand, I believe in strategic keyword placement. Suppose I have to make a video popular, I will arrange keywords systematically to ensure Google's video carousels are forced to tweak its search results. 

I would like to elaborate here a little. If you want to make your video popular, make sure you create a playlist of your keywords. This will force YouTube to arrange your videos accordingly and not consider the keywords as randomly placed. A few minor tweaks like this can help make a difference in the number of views and influence the number of subscribers. 

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Mr. Shanbhag, thank you once again for shedding light on such crucial subjects. We hope that you will talk to us soon about your ongoing projects. We thank you and wish you the very best in your future endeavors.