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Taking over the world of music and fashion both is DJ and entrepreneur Rishi Love

Rishi Love

She has excelled as a deep house music producer, DJ, clothing designer, and co-founder

Enough has already been spoken about individuals, especially youngsters taking over various industries. Still, it feels much more discussions are needed around them to motivate and inspire many other up-and-coming talents in the world. The fashion and the music industries both have produced several such talented beings over the years, but a few rare gems have gone ahead in attaining maximum momentum and success, thriving on their passion, resilience, and commitment to their endeavours. We couldn’t help but notice the meteoric rise of one such high-performing and driven professional both in music and fashion named Rishi Love. This young woman has pushed the limits and created waves in her career by giving it her all as a versatile talent.

Who is Rishi Love, you ask? Well, this young woman is all of 30 years of age from Johannesburg, South Africa, and still has managed to make her mark in both the industries as a DJ, deep house music producer, clothing designer, and co-founder of streetwear brands. “I’m passionate about music & fashion. I’ve always considered the two to go hand in hand,” is what this young professional highlights.

Rishi Love has excelled beyond limits in entrepreneurship by being the clothing designer and co-founder of a streetwear brand called RAION

Rishi Love has excelled beyond limits in entrepreneurship by being the clothing designer and co-founder of a streetwear brand called RAION, consisting of a passionate team of professionals like Skateboarders, Graffiti Artists, DJ’s & Creatives. She is also the co-owner of a retail streetwear store called SPRMRKT in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, which opened recently on 4th November 2021. As a DJ and music producer, she released his recent track on 19th November 2021, titled “GROOVE IS WHAT I FEEL.”

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This track is inspired by love, the love for music, as well as pure love in general. Rishi Love reveals that she finds inspiration from the natural environment like the ocean sounds, the smells, the waves, etc. Initially, this young talent aimed to become a lawyer; however, her love for fashion and music drove her towards these industries, and since then, she has never looked back.

Advising other budding talents, Rishi Love says that they must never put all their eggs into one basket and must plan to diversify to become a more refined talent and create more success in their careers. Even after achieving so much, Rishi Love wants to keep working harder and learn much more to become her best version.

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