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Rising NFT Bunny Freaks Seek to Decentralize the Animated Film Industry

In the coming days, Bunny Freaks will be listed on many of the leading Solana NFT marketplaces and
Rising NFT Bunny Freaks

Non-fungible tokens have been changing the way art and sports collectors interact. The decentralized form of digital exchange has people revolutionizing art, basketball collectibles, and many more. One new company now looks to introduce the non-fungible token revolution into the film world by launching an NFT that will enable animated film production through an NFT called Bunny Freaks.

As part of one of the most significant and fastest-rising ecosystems in crypto, the Solana blockchain, Bunny Freaks hopes to ride the wave and revolutionize the animation film industry. The NFT features a collection of artworks with a cartoon bunny with over 245 traits that permutates to over 10,000 variants of unique NFTs ready for collectors to grab. 

The Bunny Freak movement’s core is a desire to welcome people to the “freak show.” Bunny Freaks look to become more than an investment opportunity. It aims to build a community of people who are drawn together by their quirks and uniqueness. At Bunny Freaks, people don’t have to be someone they’re not. They can be their weird selves and still belong and feel respected.

In the coming days, Bunny Freaks will be listed on many of the leading Solana NFT marketplaces and

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In the coming days, Bunny Freaks will be listed on many of the leading Solana NFT marketplaces and Funds raised through the NFT drop will go into producing animated films inspired by the Bunny Freak character. On top of getting NFT investors and collectors as funders to these short films, the team behind Bunny Freaks also hopes to decentralize the creative process. They do this by assigning voting rights to Bunny Freaks NFT holders and asking them essential questions about the creative output of the animated films, including animation style, plot, theme, story endings, and character arches, to name a few. Then, every holder will vote and have their names written in the end credits scene for their support.

By approaching NFTs and films in this way, Bunny Freaks hopes to introduce a new way of filmmaking. Funding films have long been powered mainly through prominent film executives that put money into films they want to do. There has been a rise in crowdfunding lately, but even that model has met its challenges. With this new decentralized approach to film production, Bunny Freaks will start a new stream of income for film and animator professionals that could become a staple strategy in the coming years. It provides a solid win-win situation for both the collector and the film creator as both parties benefit from the relationship.

The Bunny Freak NFT will also act as a lifetime access ticket to all future films by the group behind this revolutionary approach to art and animation shorts. The Bunny Freaks team will also soon be pooling for animation studios, screenwriters, voice actors, and other creative professionals that will help create the first-ever Bunny Freaks short film. The first output will hopefully launch in the next six months.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Non-fungible tokens look to be the future of the art scene as it digitizes artworks and makes them readily available to the collectors and investing public. Bunny Freaks now has a position to become one of the more sophisticated additions to that growing network of creative developments.

Learn more about Bunny Freaks by visiting its website and Twitter account.