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Robert Simon

When you think of a lawyer lifestyle, what comes to mind? Do you think suit and tie? Driving into an office and sitting at a desk from 830-6? Do you think long hours, phone calls, and endless amounts of paperwork? Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for a lot of attorneys. And the founder of Justice HQ Robert Simon is doing everything in his power to change this lawyer lifestyle!

“I started my own firm in 2009. I was only a few years out of law school, and in a few short years, I was able to scale to eight figures. It was a risk to do it for sure, but what’s the alternative? Living a miserable, unhappy life where you don’t control your time or schedule? I mean, if it failed, I could always go find someone else to work for, so I took the leap and started my own firm,” says Simon.

“I knew I wanted to be a trial lawyer when my uncle was paralyzed due to a drunk driver when I was 12. I knew I wanted to change the practice of law for everyone when I was in law school and saw so much talent that I thought shouldn’t be wasted by making another firm money. I also saw how much cost was being passed on to those large firms' clients because their overhead was so huge. Those reasons pushed me to start my own firm,” says Simon. 

“Back when I started my own practice, the start-up costs were a lot higher. When you’re starting out, a huge overhead cost is a physical office space. Instead of throwing your money away on something that’s honestly not even necessary, spend it on things that can help you scale your business. Things like a virtual office or even a co-working space. Make sure you look for a co-working space that provides you with more than just a physical location to work. You'll want to be able to collaborate with other attorneys too. Make sure you’re looking for a place to collaborate, network, and make lasting connections with other attorneys—kind of like what Justice HQ offers,” says Simon.

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Justice HQ is a membership-based program for attorneys that provides them specific resources and support to help grow and scale their private or solo firms. “Justice HQ offers private high-end office space to members, as well as a tech-based platform to help attorneys work, network, and scale their firms on their own terms. This is the new lifestyle of lawyers,” says Simon.