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Roman Royale

The process of building businesses from scratch has evolved beyond recognition, and few textbooks or college professors in business and marketing would offer you a distinct road map to follow. The advent of digital marketing is making it possible to use social media to launch new ventures, promote businesses, and make companies and brands noticed quite often simply through the appeal of individuals with a high social media profile. A vivid example of such successful capitalization of social media is Roman Royale, a Los Angeles based influencer, multi-faceted entrepreneur, and creator of jewelry brand Room 13 Los Angeles and, recently, Fire, a high-end cannabis company.

Co-founded with his friend Lauren Steele, Room 13 Los Angeles launched on Instagram in 2016 and appeals to the young and trendy.

“Social media can be both positive and negative. It’s heavy on both ends in my opinion, but I only focus on the positive side of things because any negativity or hate can really drown someone. I find so much inspiration on social media, it’s one huge magazine of life that I constantly scroll through for new ideas, or just to get away for a second and be entertained. It’s an absolutely outstanding platform for business as well, so in any sense of marketing it is a huge tool in this era,” speaks Roman of social media’s role in his business projects. 

Co-founded with his friend Lauren Steele, Room 13 Los Angeles launched on Instagram in 2016 and appeals to the young and trendy. The duo wanted to create something that they could share with their friends and the world. Why buy jewelry pieces when one can make them? So they started making jewelry, with the brand steadily gaining traction. Prior to the launch of Fire, Roman worked for 2 years in marketing for a cannabis brand. Having learned the ropes and seeing how profitable the business could be given the right approach, he and his partner David Jiang joined forces to create the brand. The partners went for the high-end market niche. “Fire is a very luxury brand of cannabis. Think ‘Gucci’ or ‘Louis Vuitton.’ The quality of what we offer is of that same value, as well as the image we project,” Roman explains of his vision for Fire’s market placement. Though the production side experienced a slack due to COVID, now that they have gone through a cycle of trial and error, the founders are optimistic about the brand’s bright future. 

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With an impressive social media following of 108K, Roman truly has things to share and inspire his followers—be it his lifestyle or business projects. He prefers to “share moments and spread positivity,” and generally inspires people to rise and shine, the same as he does.