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For some people, love is a very elusive thing. Others are fortunate enough to have found the love of their lives in one lifetime, and some spend a lifetime looking for them. Psychologist and certified life coach Roni Davis is making a difference in the lives of multiple individuals as she helps them find love through her book titled "How to be Single, Color Code Dating and The Love Cycle (TLC)."Roni uses a unique approach to helping people find the love they seek through dating. She begins by helping people magnify their purpose and emphasizes the importance of self-love for them to embrace the love interest of their mating partner. She draws effective insights from her experiences in life after having worn many hats. Also a hair stylist and CEO, Roni has had the privilege of meeting people from all walks of life, finding great fulfillment in helping people who have crossed her path, as it is her natural inclination to spread hope and inspiration to everyone.

"As a creative person, I want to share something incredible with everyone who finds themselves experiencing a negative and chaotic dating life due to the lack of empathy in today's world. I think it's important that we humans are open to the process of connecting with others with whom we choose to share our time within a smooth and organic flow," Roni shared. "I want to share this book with everyone who finds themselves confused or in a dilemma in the dating world, whether you're in a relationship, divorced, dating or courting," she added.

The "Color Code Dating Method" uses six colors to identify people's natural energies when they meet a potential mate. As a result of the success of her methods, a community known as Pro Daters Society has been established, composed of people who have successfully used the teachings of the "Color Code Dating Method" to improve their dating experiences and have fun, excitement, and love. The society even has its own jargon collected in what they fondly refer to as the "date-tionary," which contains dating terminologies that are easily understood to help people navigate their dating life successfully.

Roni also has an engaging social media presence, where fans enjoy her short, interactive comedy videos that promote the same methods she teaches on dating. On top of that, she is also about to release her debut single called "Mr. Persistence" in January 2023, as well as commercials, music videos, and merchandise to promote her methods.

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"It's my God-given purpose to build brands and empires that people all over the world can benefit from. My background, education, and experiences all lead me to this place. I wanted to build a brand that would move the world up and forward, and relationships were my way to do it, helping those who need it the most," Roni shared.

Ultimately, Roni Davis wants her readers to achieve a sense of peace, hope, and happiness in their dating lives. By using her methods, she hopes that more and more people will be able to navigate smoothly through their dating journey with lesser heartache and pain.