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Rory Douglas – The High Flying Financial Educator and Life Coach Who Has Impacted the Lives of Millions

There are many able minds who with their initiatives have helped many reach their goals, Rory is one of them.
Rory Douglas

The multi talented dynamic personality has over 20 years of rich experience in the entertainment and investment industry. He has been credited of guiding and mentoring many aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their goals. Let’s go back to memory lane to know how he rose from his humble background to become the successful man that he is today. 

His growing up years have not been that pleasant and he had to fight all odds to survive and emerge as a winner. Having spent his early days on the mean streets, he was always considered to be a problem for others around him. He was kicked out of elementary and high school, as apart from him not being favourable for his surroundings, he was also a patient of dyslexia, which made matters worse. It was at a later stage that people learnt about his problem which was sorted out with the help of counsellors. He gradually grew up to be a fine personality and today commands a position from where he can call the shots vehemently.

There are many able minds who with their initiatives have helped many reach their goals, Rory is one of them.

He switched careers from the entertainment to the financial services industry as the latter showed more promise. Today, he is a leading financial educator and a life coach who has mentored countless number of people which include CEO’s, CPA, Attorney’s and many big wigs who own large organizations. His work demands a lot of travel attending youth and community organizations, colleges, universities, government agencies and non-profits. His teachings amalgamate life coaching along with the principles of spiritual psychology. He also reaches people through podcasts which is extremely informative and educational, and has loads of content which mention about his life’s experiences and are meant to motivate and inspire people.

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When asked about where he sees himself in a few years down the line, Rory says “In the next five years, I see myself as one of the best motivational speakers in the world, having impacted a million lives.”


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