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COVID-19 has transformed every aspect of our life. From the way we work, the way we interact, and the way we shop. There has been an incredible surge in online shopping during the pandemic, and physical stores have had to dramatically change the way they operate to deal with the virus. Some have failed abysmally and some have performed above and beyond the call of duty. Jumbo Stock definitely falls into the latter category.

Roy Vanono 720

Founded in 2015, Jumbo Stock is the brainchild of Israeli businessman Roy Vanono. It is a chain of stores which prides itself upon stocking quality home and lifestyle products at prices people can afford.

To cope with the upturn in demand and put in place the necessary safety precautions which COVID-19 required was no mean feat.

During the pandemic such items were immensely popular as people sought to refurbish their homes and pursue leisure interests. To cope with the upturn in demand and put in place the necessary safety precautions which COVID-19 required was no mean feat. However, all of the Jumbo Stock Stores adopted the most effective and rigorous safety regulations as a matter of pride.

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“Without customers, we have no business,” explained Roy. “Their welfare during the pandemic was a first and foremost concern. A lot of other shops appeared either to slow in putting measures in place or they were a little too sloppy in enforcing them. Here at Jumbo Stock we were almost religious in ensuring both staff and customers maintained strict social distancing at all times. Hand sanitizers have been placed at multiple locations throughout our stores and we regulate footfall to minimize contact. We’ve adopted these safety measures for so long it’s become the new normal.”

Although most people are happy to comply with the new measures shops have had to adopt to slow the spread of the virus, you still get the occasional individual who believes the rules do not apply to them. Roy and everyone at Jumbo Stock have zero tolerance for such behaviour.

Roy explained, “No-one likes queuing or having to socially distance themselves from others all the time, but unfortunately it is necessary. We are living in unprecedented times and we must all pull together if we’re to beat this terrible virus. I will not tolerate anyone or anything who jeopardises the welfare and safety of my customers or staff. We have transformed all our stores to provide a unique shopping experience for our customers and one which guarantees them the highest degree of safety possible.”