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Russian Mail Order Brides

Let's agree on one thing — Russian women are beautiful, and that is why you are currently looking for where to find single Russian women for marriage. However, you will not find stunning Russian women in the streets waiting to be married off. You need to be strategic in your search for Russian brides, which is why you should know all there is to know about Russian mail order bride sites.

Searching online for a Russian mail bride will provide you with a variety of choices. From there, you can pick any of the beautiful Russian women using online dating services. Yet, there are so many active Russian mail order services today that it is difficult to know which to use. And that is why we have created a list of the three best mail order services and their features that will appeal to you.

3 Best Russian Mail Order Brides Services

Kiss Russian Beauty

Kiss Russian beauty is a well-built site with an easy-to-use user interface for people interested in Russian brides. You will find various Russian women looking for companionship and love from foreign men on the platform. You only need your address, email, and name to sign in. But keep in mind that you will have to take a dating psychology test at the beginning. This feature analyzes the mental health of visitors to protect users from abuse, so if you are looking for safety while online dating, Kiss Russian Beauty is the site for you.

Date Russian Girl

Date Russian Girl is over 20 years old but it has managed to stay competitive by adjusting to the current demands of present time users. The site is encrypted, giving you the much-needed data security people crave when they use dating websites. It has an easily navigable interface, and the login process is straightforward. Finally, the site requests your sexual preferences in order to match you with ladies that will appeal to you and ensure you don’t waste time on the wrong people.

Date Russian Beauty

Almost everyone craves companionship; however, not everyone has the time to go to bars, restaurants and parks to meet new people.

At first, Date Russian Beauty seems like a catalog of carefully selected beautiful women, which is aesthetically pleasing. And if you are a skeptic, this array may seem too good to be true. But you can rest easy as reviews from real users suggest that pretty women really use the site as it is popular in Russia. And at a price point ranging from $96 for 16 credits to $399 for 100 credits, it appeals to both budget users and people willing to pay premium fees to find love.

What Are Mail Order Brides Services For?

Almost everyone craves companionship; however, not everyone has the time to go to bars, restaurants and parks to meet new people. So the mail order brides service which dates back to the 1900s can help men find foreign wives while linking women up with suitors worldwide.

At first, mail order brides primarily wanted to leave their countries for greener pastures and used marriage to achieve their aim. But today, you can find many women who are comfortable in their own countries. The platforms are open to all genders and are ideal for people interested in marrying a person of interest from around town and abroad.

Features Offered by Mail Order Brides Services

Most mail-order brides services are feature-packed. The site owners looked into their users’ needs and integrated the features below to simplify the process of finding and communicating with a romantic partner.

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Chat feature

After making a couple of connections, site members can use chat boxes to talk to the ladies they want. For any relationship to work, people need to keep in touch with their lovers, and the chat box is the first preferred communication channel for users of most mail order bride services.

Call feature

As relationships progress, some people want to move further than merely texting; they want to hear their lover’s voices and break through language barriers. Therefore, the call feature is also a widely used option to help those who wish to transition from texting to voice calling.

Gifting services

People often ask, “How much are Russian mail order brides?” Unsurprisingly, since Russian ladies love romantic gifts, the answer to this question partly depends on the presents you give them. Knowing this, modern mail-order brides services incorporated gifting services to meet the public’s needs and ensure courtships on their sites go smoothly.

Advantages of Using Russian Mail Order Brides Services

Russian Mail Order Brides

If Russian mail order brides services weren’t beneficial for users, people wouldn’t be opting for them today. So if you are looking for the benefits of those services, some of them include:

Time effectiveness

Finding the right Russian woman without the help of a mail-order bride service is challenging, especially if you live abroad. If you want to get married quickly, these services are your safest bet. Since many women on online dating apps are ready for marriage, using Russian mail order bride sites will help you cut to the chase and find a decent wife.

Easy-to-use services

Russian mail order brides sites are designed to make the interaction between distant lovers easy. Their features allow users to effortlessly text, call, video chat and send gifts to each other. And though things can get complicated when it is time to meet for marriage, the services facilitate a safe and successful first meeting of online lovers.

The power of choice

In the physical world, if you go on a date with different women in the same time frame, you would most likely be regarded as a gigolo. But on mail-order sites, you can have options, wooing as many women as you need until you find the one you wish to settle down with. This power of choice is another great benefit that people enjoy when using Russian mail order brides services.


Despite the perceived cultural and ideological differences you may encounter with Russian mail-order brides, dating them is quite fulfilling. Unfortunately, many men can’t access these ladies due to distance, which is why Russian mail order brides services exist. But since many platforms claim to be the best at linking men up with Russian women, it is tough to know which services are worth their salt.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The three Russian mail order brides services analyzed in this guide are safe, reliable and chosen by thousands of users because of their ability to connect men with real Russian singles. And while you can’t buy these women, you still have to pay for the services that connect you to them. So if you are looking for the best way to meet Russian girls, use the services in this guide.