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The lip is an important part of the body as it contributes to the outward beauty of the face that people notice first about anyone. Often, the lip goes through rough patches like dehydration, which makes the lips look dry and unpleasant. While there are a few fixes that people use regularly, medical professional Gohar Abrahamyan, through her company, Rx Renew, has launched a new product called Total Lip Care to help regenerate collagen, restore moisture, and repair dehydrated lips.

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Rx Renew Total Lip Care is made with quality, natural ingredients sourced responsibly and personally formulated by medical professional Gohar Abrahamyan. Rx Renew Total Lip Care was formulated with the best scientific research, and its ingredients are based on blending super hydrators Hyaluronic Acid and plant-based Squalene with ultimate stabilizer Blue Sea Kale and foundation strengthening peptides. At its core, RX Renew Total Lip Care effectively revitalizes dry lips and extends the life of lip fillers with non-agitating plumper. Describing the content of the product, Gohar Abrahamyan said: “It has a velvety smooth consistency that luxuriously glides on with a patented ceramic tip applicator and stays on for hours.” Rx Renew Total Lip Care line comes in two variants: honey or a vegan, hypoallergenic Clear. The product also thrives on being free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and cruelty.

Gohar Abrahamyan was able to develop such an effective and healthy product thanks to her experience in the medical and beauty industries. She’s a Physician Associate in the field of neurosurgery, passionate about beauty and aesthetics. She has practiced for over 15 years and specifically worked as an aesthetic injector for 15 years. Gohar understands the science behind skincare and how the lips function; thus, she created Rx Renew with science and beauty in mind. Her expertise in the field of aesthetics is never in doubt, and she was voted top 100 injectors in 2021 in the United States.

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Rx Renew Total Lip Care is an all-natural product suitable for all age groups, including children and helps middle-aged women retain their youthfulness. Gohar’s goal is to see the product on the shelf of major distribution stores across the United States. She also believes in the product’s potency and would love to see Rx Renew make it to international beauty markets. “The product is one-of-a-kind, and the fact that we offer amazing guarantees makes a major difference in all of this. Whether it’s a young person, middle-aged or elderly person, Rx Renew Total Lip Care is a perfect companion for all skin types,” Gohar promised. 

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