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SadBoys NFT Championing Mental Health Awareness in the Metaverse

What makes the venture truly extraordinary is its commitment to its advocacy.
SadBoys NFT

The world is currently facing several crises, which have unfortunately taken a toll on the mental health of many. Seeing the pressing need to safeguard everyone's mental wellbeing, a team of innovative individuals has created SadBoys NFT, a collection that focuses on suicide prevention and promotes mental health awareness.

The passion project is a collection of non-fungible tokens in the Ethereum blockchain that feature 5,000 unique artworks. Its design has a "sad" theme and is done in a classic pixel art style. The one-of-a-kind NFT collection includes ten rare SadBoys, five of which can be obtained within the mintable tokens, while the other five will be given away in an exclusive event via Discord.

What makes the venture truly extraordinary is its commitment to its advocacy. Its developers have promised to donate $50,000 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention upon mint sellout. In preparation, they have already reached out to the organization. But, most importantly, in the spirit of transparency and integrity, they plan on making a public announcement once the funds have been turned over.

What makes the venture truly extraordinary is its commitment to its advocacy.

At the same time, the project will not simply end after the collection gets sold out. Aside from donating a hefty sum to the foundation, its developers are planning on putting together a safe space called the SadBoys Exclusive Club.

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It is a platform wherein influencers in the mental health industry can conduct remote conventions and mentor talks. Additionally, members of the club will have access to exclusive perks and rewards, including private mental health seminars, a secondary art piece that will go alongside their SadBoy NFT, and a potential merch store.

When asked about their motivation to pursue the venture, its developers meaningfully responded, "Our goal for this project was to create a safe place for people going through hardships so they can feel like they are a part of a community where they don't have to be alone during these tough times. We want to help create genuine connections while simultaneously coming out with an NFT Art project with benefits and utilities alongside our growing community."

The team behind SadBoys hopes that their efforts will create a positive ripple effect in the conversation around mental health. With their current and upcoming projects, they hope that the existing dangerous culture that vilifies people with mental health issues will soon be replaced by one of empathy and understanding. Furthermore, they wish to inspire everyone struggling not to be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Ultimately, SadBoys NFT is making waves and is shaping up to redefine the crypto space by creating an awe-inspiring venture that would benefit not only its community but also the rest of society. Interested parties and NFT investors should be on the lookout as minting will go live on October 22 at 6 PM UTC.

Learn more about SadBoys NFT by checking out its official website, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. To get real-time updates and interact with its community, you can also join its dedicated Discord server.