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Salim Elhila's name is synonymous to online training, and his work is enough proof of it

His initiative 'Learning Master' has helped many transition into successful online coaches within no time.
 Salim Elhila

It might surprise you to aurally perceive about someone doing exceptionally well in his line of work to switch careers in which there's no experience, fuelled by just his ardency. Unbelievably, Salim Elhila has done that precisely by taking an immensely colossal risk of leaving abaft his lucrative vocation as an AI expert to dwell full time into online coaching by establishing his 'Learning Master' which trains people into becoming online coaches. Along with his partner, Djibril Mara, he has established a credible brand which is doing exceptionally well in this sphere.

The mathematical engineer and data scientist was well off working in the artificial intelligence industry, but somewhere he knew that this was not his calling and he needed to explore more. There was much more to so outside his comfort zone which he tried by leaving his job and stepping into the ecommerce space, and ineluctably landing up as an online coach, and one of the best one at that.

His initiative 'Learning Master' has helped many transition into successful online coaches within no time.

With e-commerce, there was a sense of satisfaction and liberation, however his passion to tread into unknown territories made him enter the training space where he started coaching people on making money online. From crypto trading training to affiliate marketing, he dwelled upon each topic which would help people churn out good money. Armed by his designed to hit on targets techniques, he gained immense popularity in no time, making him one of the most sought after trainers around the space.

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He strongly feels that sharing knowledge gives one a great deal of satisfaction like nothing else, and helping those struggling to get on track was the best way ahead, the reason for his establishing his learning hub. Today, his Facebook and YouTube community is widespread as his simplistic approach to online training methods is easy to grasp and implement, and above all gives amazing results.

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Salim’s endeavor to contribute in his own way to the society has already made a drastic change in people's lives, with each prospering in his line of work, which is indeed good news. His experience, knowledge, and willingness to share has worked wonders and the ever-growing popularity of 'Learning Master' says it all.