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No doubt, we live in modern times where certification holds much more importance than a degree. It’s a debate for another day but we are today talking about a Scrum Certification. Scrum is a recently evolved concept as a Subset of Agile Development that makes sure you get business value delivered in the best possible time.

Scrum Certification

Understanding Scrum Framework

Most of us confuse Agile Development with Scrum Framework. Scrum is the extension of agile methodology and gets things done in a more efficient manner. Any project or product is separated into different modules and builds so the development process remains tractable.

The main purpose of the Scrum Framework is to get the incremental builds to get finished and delivered in a timespan of two to three weeks.

The main purpose of the Scrum Framework is to get the incremental builds to get finished and delivered in a timespan of two to three weeks. Rapidly changing requirements of any project are handled quickly in this development cycle. The flexibility exists due to the cross-functional teams are established who perform tasks in a self-organizing manner.

The reason why Scrum standouts from Agile are that meetings of the different teams are held on daily basis and fixed roles are assigned to each of the members. The main aspect is time boxing as each of the tasks is time-bound and traceable. Self-organizing teams need to respond effectively and complete Scrum processes as early as possible.

The collaboration models and iterative development processes are well defined and each stage’s goals are clear and achievable. You don’t need to second guess things in Scrum Framework as Scrum has laid out principles that everything should be flexible, thoroughly discussed and communicated.

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Why Scrum Certification?

There are many Scrum Certification providers like Scrum with Style who will ensure you enhance your aptitude and develop an approach that is required for Scrum Development Framework.

An individual will be required to go through intense courses and exams before a Certification is provided to him. To become a certified Scrum Master, after going through the Scrum Training Course Material and attending to the Trainer, you will be required to pass the exam by answering 37 questions correctly out of 50.

Getting hold of scrum theory and principles is the key to acing this examination as most questions would revolve around this. Also, the basis should always remain strong for any subject you want to cater to. It takes just a few days you become ready to attend to the CSM examination so it is not a long-haul process like any other certification.

After gaining this certification, you will get additional recognition that an individual is familiar with modern development frameworks and has proved his/her aptitude at a professional level. The CSM exam is online so you don’t need to worry about the location. It could be great if a CSM trainer is nearby or you can also communicate with them online and get a consultation.

The average annual salary of a CSM is around $100000, also depends on the number of projects you’ve handled and their complexity. It is a great certification who wants to ace the project management and development process in rapidly changing flexible environments.