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Nowadays, you can buy almost any exotic flower in agricultural stores, however, there are still people who grow flowers from seeds. This process is very time-consuming, lengthy and not always effective. However, for an amateur grower, not only the result is important, but also the process.

It’s just a miracle to see how a sprout emerges from a small seed and becomes a normal adult plant. It’s like raising a child: each stage is interesting with some discoveries. Nevertheless, there is still a question about how to choose flower seeds. Let’s focus on this topic.

How to Choose, Buy and Store Seeds

Traditionally, the best seeds for the garden are sold in sachets with detailed instructions inside the package. It is easy to buy garden seeds for sale in specialized stores or on Internet sites. You can use this chance to clarify some nuances of growing with the sellers of a particular store or website (by phone or by email). Therefore, we recommend buying planting materials not at the market, but in specialized stores.

Do not throw away the package with instructions, you can use it to track whether your seed is developing correctly and what you should do at each subsequent stage of its growth. When buying, pay attention to the date of sorting and packing, as well as the expiration date: expired grains have a very low germination rate. Old seeds sprout only 1/3 of the total number of planting materials. Of course, some plants save their properties for up to 6 years, but it happens extremely rarely.

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How to store the seeds correctly? If you are not going to immediately sow them, then provide them with the correct storage conditions. This is usually a cool, dark, dry place. The main thing is that the grains are dry, otherwise they can be damaged by rot and mould. A flower will not grow from diseased seeds or will be sick.

Flowers from Seeds: Not Easy, But Exciting

Most often we grow from seeds the following annuals:

  •  Petunias;
  •  Amaryllis;
  •  Peonies;
  •  Roses;
  •  Nasturtiums;
  •  Asters;
  •  Others.
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However, indoor flowers can also be grown in this way. A devoted florist will not resist the temptation to experiment to get the flower of his dreams. Even small seedlings or young exotic indoor flowers are often very expensive. Moreover, you cannot buy a plant you like anywhere. However, you can order them on the Internet or from catalogues of specialized flower shops that are inexpensive. You will find not one, but several seeds in the package and at least one of them will sprout. To germinate seeds, you need to use light, but nutritious soil. You can buy a special seedling mixture in specialized stores.

Having read the above information, you can immediately go shopping. Now, we are sure that you can make a good purchase of seeds, and enjoy the result! Good luck!