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Sending kids into the public school system, especially if its their first school encounter can be overwhelming for parents and caretakers. The public school system can be notoriously unreliable, depending on where you live, and the teachers and administrators at the school. Here are some tips for setting your kids up for success in the public school system.

Setting Kids Up for Success

Reinforce good homework habits

It’s proven that parents who work with their kids at home on their schoolwork have a positive impact on their kid’s performance at school and may help boost GPA. And studies also show that children who spend more time on homework have higher grades on average than those who do not.

You can help set your child up for success at home by reinforcing the importance and helpfulness of homework. Setup dedicated homework times and specific areas around the house. Create mini-rewards for completing homework early and on time to reinforce positive homework habits. Ask thoughtful questions about homework and school, like “What was one new thing that you learned today?” or “What was your favorite part of school today?” Always use a positive frame when asking about school to create general positive sentiment.

However, be mindful not to overstep when it comes to helping kids with homework. Parents can do more harm than good by getting too involved, and helping more than is needed (like by providing answers, and actually doing the problem solving or completing the projects). Doing the work for your child may end up hurting them in the long run since they may not fully comprehend and learn the subject at hand. Furthermore, when you do the work, you aren’t empowering your child to work towards their own learning goals, which can be demotivating.

Get involved in the classroom

Set your child up for success in public school by electing to get involved with the school program.

The public school system is often reliant on volunteers to help facilitate events and regular programming throughout the school year. Set your child up for success in public school by electing to get involved with the school program. There are obvious outlets for involvement, such as the parent teacher association, but even volunteering onsite and helping to coordinate events can help you feel more connected with where your child spends a majority of their time each day.

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Again, be cautious not to overstep when it comes to getting involved. Maybe get involved at the school level, but not in your child’s specific classroom. You don’t want to be a helicopter parent, or make your child feel like you do not trust them to grow and learn independently.

Encourage extra-curricular activities

Another important part of the school system is encouraging your child to participate and grow outside the classroom. Encourage them to try to new things: like extracurricular activities, clubs and sports. Childhood is the formative time of your child’s life, where they are most likely to discover their unique interests, likes and dislikes. Public schools afford many opportunities for trying new things, and you should encourage your child to step outside of their comfort zone. Encourage them to try out for sports teams, join new clubs, and apply for honor societies. This will help them along their own unique path of self-discovery.

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