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As time progresses, we humans have understood the need to hone our current skills and master new ones. Both are equally important for our success and growth, playing a huge factor in how we perceive the world and make decisions. Khalil Halilu, a reigning techpreneur in Nigeria, has noted these improvements and compelled the youth to do the same.

On his way to success, Khalil has developed interpersonal skills that have made him an inspiring figure. His techpreneurs side shines through as he continues to balance his work and life, taking active participation in his passion for new things. Polo, thus, is one such passion of KSH that he happily takes part in. He is found on the polo ground every now and then, demonstrates excellent skill, takes command of his horse, and makes a perfect score.

Khalil pays tribute to Nigeria’s most celebrated and acclaimed sport, which he believes has taught him passion, discipline, and mental toughness. He has won accolades, awards, and honorable mentions due to his commitment and elegance through which he dominates the field.

As the founder of the country’s most extensive delivery system, ShapShap, he has become a leader in technology and digital platforms. Here are the skills that KSH attributes to his success and claims to have thrust him in the right direction:


Trials and errors are a part of human life and can take a toll on everyone. But when one comes face to face with such difficulties, it is their perseverance that motivates them to go above and beyond and work hard.

We have come across countless quotes that emphasize the importance of failure and how it pushes one to do better. This is the same motivation that drives Khalil forward. Believing in failing fast, Khalil spends his time looking for and dabbling in other projects. Resultantly, he has been able to direct his time and effort into launching companies like ShapShap, The CANs, and apps like UnSub and Zabe.

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Perseverance is critical when leading life as an entrepreneur; you are bound to make mistakes and face risks. KSH is of the ardent belief that one grows through these experiences, and he wants to instill the same tenacity in others.

Delayed Gratification

Gratification is an excellent tool in the entrepreneurial world, but Khalil has mastered the art of seeking delayed gratification. Where achieving your goal leads to satisfaction, delayed gratification pushes you to do more to gain more fruitful results.

Khalil employs and invokes delayed gratification within his mentees, asking them to remain patient and embody the saying, “good things come to those who wait.” KSH also owes his success to this skill because it nurtures human beings. It makes them work harder and achieves bigger goals.

Patience is the driving factor behind perseverance and delayed gratification, without which one cannot reach their intended goals. Khalil’s ability to learn from his failures and look beyond the horizon has made him Nigeria’s reputable entrepreneur.

Currently undergoing and working on many other life-changing projects, Khalil fully embodies these qualities and wishes to leave an eminent mark that would motivate others to do the same. Aiding many foreign investors and companies wishing to enter the market, KSH has all the right tools to assist them in their journey.

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If you are willing to know more about the tech genius, Khalil Halilu, check out his social media handle and website here.