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Many of us have subjugated ourselves to fear, anxiety, anger, sorrow, and regret. These feelings determine our actions and reactions to everything in life; however, we choose to bury them in hope of making them disappear. Shehera Barnes was one such person who overlooked all signs of mental perturbation until it took a toll on her health. The pressures of her job in the fashion industry combined with her perfectionism was a recipe for disaster.

Shehera occasionally found herself in the ER; she was suffering from hormonal imbalances, anxiety, and depression and yet continued with her job out of fear of failure. Then one day, Shehera had an epiphany. All of her inimical life choices flashed in front of her eyes and, at that moment, she decided to reconnect with the spiritual ardor within her. To quote Shehera herself, “my life changed, I became whole once again, I found my center, and I found my breath. My world stopped spinning, and I could think clearly again.” This is how Shehera started her journey to healing her soul.

Yoga and meditation became constant in her life; she would start her day with spiritual practices to help align her mind, body, and spirit. Shehera believes that in order for a true transformation to occur, you must discover the root cause of your symptoms, and that requires you to build a healthy connection with your heart.

In search of answers to her distress, Shehera dug deep into her soul. With time she learned that her symptoms were a result of her neglecting what her heart desired. She discovered that every person is born with a purpose in life, and her current job did not fulfill this purpose. Hence, she reconnected with her desire to help others and found herself leaning toward the idea of becoming a holistic healer.

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Fast-forward to the present day, Shehera is the owner of a thriving business known as “Anahata Holistic Healing.” She has been investing her time and energy in helping people achieve the same mental, emotional, and physical peace she achieved through holistic practices. Shehera has carefully curated multiple programs, each aimed at helping clients connect with their innate abilities to heal. Using her years of experience and wisdom, Shehera has been helping individuals break free from emotions of fear, insecurity, and self-imposed limitations.

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Her unequaled coaching and spiritual guidance have helped many individuals metamorphosize into better versions of themselves. To find out more about the services provided at Anahata Holistic Healing, click on the following link.