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The celebrities from the film and television industry are always on the media’s radar for their day-to-day activities. Every celebrity is recognized by their art of work they do. While some become the on-screen heroes for the audiences, some become the real-life heroes. Many actors and artists have impressed the public, not for their roles but for their incredible works towards society. Without creating any hype, actor Shoaibe Dhebar has been working towards the betterment of India as he says that the nation comes first for him above everything.

“Some of the issues in the country like poverty, corruption and nature exploitation are still existing which need to be curbed with time”, says Dhebar. Committed towards his work, Shoaibe has always extended his full support for the development of the nation. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the actor even initiated several donation drives by distributing food and other essential commodities. Besides this, nature conservation is something he is very close to. “We humans are exploiting nature by throwing unwanted garbage and increasing pollution levels which is not good for the planet we are living on”, adds Shoaibe Dhebar.

As a responsible citizen, the actor believes that the more development humans are doing in the urban areas, the more they should take part in planting trees. The free-spirited man hopes to start a chain reaction by doing his bit and inspire 5 other people to make their contribution towards nature. “The contribution made by everyone will definitely help in preserving the mother nature”, stated the actor. Mr Dhebar is a social worker turned actor who is stuck to his roots and believes to make a change in the country. 

M[oreover, he wants to convey the message of goodness through his work. Shoaibe is very keen to make short films and documentaries about social issues of the country and showcase it. Through cinema, the actor feels that people will resonate to the problems the country is actually facing. With an aim to create informative content for every age group, Shoaibe Dhebar is hopeful that the citizens of the country will actively take part and make a significant contribution to uplift India on a global level.

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