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Simon Diamond

Simon Diamond is no stranger to success, but he is no stranger to hard work either. The Australian NFT pioneer is dominating multiple industries while also simultaneously carrying the mantle of propelling Australia and neighboring New Zealand into the digital age via his upcoming DIAMOND HEADZ NFT collection.

Who is Simon Diamond?

The multi-hyphenated global DJ, epic deal-making real estate agent and model is only 22. But his version of 22 dramatically differs from that of your average 22-year-old. Being homeless at 14, surviving the foster system, and working to sustain his livelihood have made Diamond wise beyond his chronological years and expertly skilled at being diligent, hardworking, and persistent.

These traits have undoubtedly served him well in all aspects of his skills. This is most true for his sojourn into the grueling and competitive tech arena. Diamond is the first to tell you that his journey, especially in tech, was far from smooth sailing but self-pity and giving up was never an option.

Now, as he is poised to launch DIAMOND HEADZ, the pioneer of the NFT space in Australia is sharing his top tips on succeeding as a burgeoning tech startup.

Creative Curiosity

According to Diamond, to conquer a constantly changing arena, upcoming tech entrepreneurs need to foster a healthy sense of curiosity.

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According to Diamond, to conquer a constantly changing arena, upcoming tech entrepreneurs need to foster a healthy sense of curiosity. Simply accepting things as they are won’t facilitate growth or expansion. Furious entrepreneurs want to be game-changing and, as such, must constantly challenge the status quo and explore various avenues to accomplish this. There is merit to the adage that “entrepreneurship is a process of discovery.”

Ability To Adapt

Business, especially of the technology variety, is ever-changing. Entrepreneurship is an iterative process, bursting with ever-evolving opportunities and equally just as many challenges. To thrive and not merely survive, Diamond believes that entrepreneurs must rapidly adapt to the rotating door of changes. It is impossible to plan and adequately prepare for every possible scenario. But what entrepreneurs can do is cultivate a steady yet adaptable business process that will adhere to and consider unexpected changes.

Getting Comfortable with Failure

It is estimated that approximately 75% of all startups fail. The reasons for failure are expansive. Every Good entrepreneur knows there is a possibility they may fail. According to Diamond, instead of being fearful, entrepreneurs should get comfortable with the fact. This acceptance prevents them from being hindered by fear and allows their unbridled creativity to propel them to success.

Team Building

Many entrepreneurs start on their own and get so comfortable with everything that they fail to recognize that a growing venture needs a team to scale and succeed. Diamond believes that while the initial days can force entrepreneurs to expand their skill set, once they begin to grow, they need to leave micromanaging behind and acquire well-rounded and diverse talent to fill out their cohort. This will allow them to focus on their strengths while their team of complementing individuals focus on the rest.


More than anything else, Diamond stresses the power of resilience. Having faced and conquered hardships, Diamond implores all entrepreneurs to be resilient. Life is filled with adversaries, and the backlash can be discouraging, especially for those entering a space that people aren’t knowledgeable about.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

“When my fiancé and I first began the process of creating our NFT, we lost a significant amount of money and time trusting the wrong people. Without resilience, every stumbling block would have forced us to retreat,” shared Diamond.