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Millions of women all over the United States and across the globe suffer from melasma. In fact, an estimated 6 million women in America are suffering from the said skin condition. Globally, 50 million women are estimated to be living with melasma. This is a mind-boggling statistic of women suffering in silence, most of them having given up any hope of ever regaining their real faces back. Until now.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a skin problem most prevalent among women. The signs of melasma include brown or gray-brown patches mostly on the face, around the cheek area, nose bridge, chin, above the upper lip, and on the forehead. Other parts that get excessive exposure to sunlight may also suffer from melasma.

The hormonal imbalances during pregnancy and in birth control are attributed to lead to melasma.

Many factors are cited as the cause of melasma. However, the most common causative agents are hormonal imbalances. During pregnancy, women experience frequent and sudden fluctuation of bodily hormones. Birth control methods, such as pills, also alter the natural balance of hormones in the body. The hormonal imbalances during pregnancy and in birth control are attributed to lead to melasma. Exposure to the sun merely brings to the surface these underlying factors.

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Is melasma treatable?

For a very long time, melasma has proven insurmountable to traditional methods of treatment. Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills has developed a new treatment regimen, Coolaser, that spells doom to melasma in all its manifestations. And giving hope to millions of suffering women worldwide.

Coolaser vaporizes superficial skin cells and removes damaged tissue, giving a chance for new skin growth. The Coolaser procedure takes a maximum of 15 minutes and provides a long-lasting result with minimal or no follow up procedures necessary. Coolaser generally has no side effects besides mild swelling and irritation, which can be treated through an over-the-counter prescription.

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