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Simon Yalaza

If you spot a man with microphone popping in front of you while walking the streets, asking you for your views and opinions on certain topics, chances are that he could be our popular YouTuber Simon, who has been creating waves with his ever-growing interview on the street videos on YouTube. The popularity of his channel has been growing since it first debuted and today Simon's become a known face and a celebrity of sorts who has fans wanting to take selfies with him if he's spotted strolling on German streets.

This young talent hails from Hechingen, Germany and has swept the online world off its feet with his ever-engaging videos which are a treat to watch. Simon discovered this interesting medium by chance a few years back when one of the videos he uploaded on his social media account got much attention and views, making him think, what if he creates more videos and gets viewers in large numbers? that would make him a popular online figure, and with that mindset he went ahead and started his own YouTube channel in 2017, and the rest as they say, is history.

YouTube has become a fantastic medium to exhibit creative instincts for many talented individuals like Simon

His most popular videos are the ones which has him catching people walking the streets off-guard. He pops some hilarious questions in interview style, and the fireworks that follow, are a treat to watch. Being a trained media designer, he is well versed in handling situations or conversations which can go off the context. His knack of tactically handling ugly situations while on walk the talk extravaganza is worth a watch.

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Today his YouTube channel proudly boasts of over 600,000 followers and the numbers are growing each day. Fans eagerly await his videos which are uploaded twice a week on his channel. With his ever-growing popularity, it's not wrong to say that Simon, had indeed become a sensational online celebrity in no time.