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If you already follow SisterKristy, you know that her big, short term goal is to buy a Birkin. “I’m a diehard Birkin bag fan. It just symbolizes “you’ve made it” and it’s a shining beacon in the fashion industry. So, naturally, I need it, and I’m close to getting it!”

What you might not know is that she fell into Instagram modeling by chance. She simply started an Instagram because wanted followers, and it grew to what is now her career. “I started it because I just wanted followers and likes, and never exactly intended it to be a full-blown business! After I realized there was good money to be made, I decided to go all in.” She also told us how a certain part of her has always enjoyed the spotlight, so this was a perfect fit.

SisterKristy talks about all the stages of her modeling career. How it started, where it’s going, and what she’s learned. She shares her goals, her success, and her newfound knowledge.

When asked about her plans after modeling, she quickly responds “I have an amazing skin routine, and a personal trainer so I plan on staying in the modeling game for a while, but who knows what the future holds. I obviously would love to always stay in the spotlight.” And, she plans on retiring young. “As of right now my investment portfolio is just Canadian banks, but I would love to start expanding into CN rail and pharmaceuticals. I like steady, long term, sure thing stocks. No gambling for me.”

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As far as her career achievements go, her highlight of 2020 was making her own website, and leaving Patreon. “I had my best month ever on my website, which was amazing! I worked hard and I deserved it. Another personal highlight was getting my trainer and getting in the best shape I’ve ever been in!”

Her advice to others that are looking to grow their own Instagram businesses is to pay for shout-outs. “There are dozens of “tips and tricks” out there but here’s the real answer, pay for shout-outs on big, accredited pages and put your page on private. I once grew 25k people from doing that. Now that there are no likes, and it’s harder to see the “fake” pages, loop giveaways are the next best thing to grow. I recently was a sponsor in a Rolls Royce giveaway, and it was a huge success!”

The Instagram game is changing, and so are OnlyFans and Patreon. Kristy comments that she luckily has her own website, so she won’t have to rely on third parties, which she believes was the best decision she ever made. “Hopefully OnlyFans, Patreon, Instagram, and Facebook will start acknowledging that women’s bodies are not bad and it’s okay to appreciate them. #freethenipple”

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

When asked how she rates her success, she shares “I can honestly say I’m so very happy and fortunate in life! I’m in my dream apartment, I have my dream shoes, my dream job, my dream body, and importantly I have my two cats and friends and family by my side that fully support me.”

You can follow SisterKristy on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or visit her website.