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Ayman Kaddoura

This is a principle that a person will never understand a certain thing unless he puts his efforts and focus into it. Therefore, he truly needs to understand the concept of that certain thing and go into the depth of anything he is listening to from anyone else, especially on social media.

Our lives revolve around such People who believe what they see or hear without shedding light on the matter or even before thinking about its circumstances. Every person needs a life-changing perspective that would turn their mind to a positive side of life, and for that,

Ayman Kaddoura, a leading social media expert and specialist, wrote this amazing book "Social Media: A Blessing and A Curse," to help people move their minds and eyes from the illusionary version of things and for a better understanding of the things in the dark.

Ayman Kaddoura

About the writer

Ayman Kaddour, the writer of this book, was born in Dubai and is a Digital marketing expert, Palestinian entrepreneur, and Web developer. He is the Founder of "The bridge technology," that is a digital marketing firm that works with the development of websites, social media management, and content creation.

Kaddoura is viewed as one of the main web-based media experts for his aptitude in acquiring a web foothold for his clients. Kaddoura is a specialist in promoting, publicizing, application advancement, web improvement, and business improvement, just as giving new business thoughts. He's worked with a huge number of high-profile customers, building up a gigantic organization that permits brands and undertakings to get fast visibility.

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Ayman Kaddoura has been highlighted in a few popular news sources, including The Cowboy Channel, Time Bulletin, Daily Advent, Apsters Media, WBOC, RFDTV, etc.

An eye-opening journey: What makes this book quite alluring and significant?

Well, there are several reasons to mention this book at the top of the list. First, the writer has specifically enlightened the cause of the life of a man and his perspectives. Second, through the eyes of the splendid writer Ayman Kaddour, we see the mind and eye-catching details of the book and its ideas, especially about the media and its role whether it is a curse or a blessing in our lives.

This book looks to examine the idea of online media and expose every one of the pieces of it that shadows have concealed.

This book looks to examine the idea of online media and expose every one of the pieces of it that shadows have concealed. We see that we can never really know a thing until we set aside our effort to comprehend, and this is a guideline that should be applied to web-based (Social) media. For such a long time, we have taken the path of least resistance, tolerating the expressions of those at the top as gospel without understanding that every one of their words and activities is customized to suit their requirements, and therefore, they would seldom be able to let us know the full truth.

Through this book, the writer additionally needs to wake you up to ceaseless freedoms accessible to you through this online media, those things that you have ignored as being unrealistic or have recently never had the opportunity to burrow further to comprehend their internal functions. It is acceptable that it just uncovers a thing in its full structure to the people who effectively look to find it, and that is the reason you can never totally know until you want and effectively try to. It is always trusted that your excursion through the pages of this book brings you edification and that through it, the eyes of your arrangement be opened to those things that have been prowling in obscurity.

It is likewise trusted that your unasked inquiries will be responded to, and before the finish of this experience, you arise at the opposite side with something else altogether better point of view about existence and all that it involves.

About the book

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The mind-changing and eye-opening book is written in such a manner that it gets the attention of its reader with its reality-based concepts and perspective that is presented to help you clear your vision about certain things. This book is available on Amazon and Google books in English language Kindle Edition. It is a 71 pages book and was published on 8th June 2021.