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Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram have been around for long, and today, they have become platforms where people can gain celebrity status overnight or establish brands that have a following that is ever-growing. In the early days of social media such as in 2010, Instagram had just created a presence for itself and boosted it further by affiliating with Facebook. Soon these platforms became places where not only could people share their personal and professional ideas but also become influencers in different fields and opinions.

Social Media Influencers

Who Are Social Media Influencers?

People, as well as businesses that have been able to create a brand or niche for themselves on these platforms, are termed so. Nowadays, they are mostly referred to as influencers. Each acts as an inspiration for brands or businesses, and many have gained their reputation mainly through Instagram, which then becomes a self-sustaining activity and most of them enjoy playing free slot games uk.

Such users of social media channels first establish their credibility in a specific segment.

They can help promote casinos, and their bonus offers as well. They have access to a large audience pool and are able to persuade or influence others to act or gain opinions about casino portals, games and bonus offer from the recommendations they provide.

Such people usually have tools of publicity made available to them or have an authentic approach that helps attract viewers in a consistent manner. They can also motivate others to expand their reach socially. Influencers do not have an audience limited to followers on such platform since their content is often shared with followers of followers as well. Many brands pitch in to make use of the network that these people have set up. They are asked to engage with sponsored posts. They are paid for the content they share on channels like Instagram.

Instagram is known to have a larger segment of such people, and hence the brand outreach for most businesses is significant through this channel.

Sponsored posts promoted by brands and different businesses usually are in photo format that accounts for 76% of them. These are further divided between carousel posts and video ones. Instagram is known to have a larger segment of such people, and hence the brand outreach for most businesses is significant through this channel. The outreach helps to create more engagement in advertising different brand accounts. The work of advertising through such channels is done across different verticals as well. The formats used are those of posts as well as stories which help these people make a name for themselves over time.

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Existing Pool of Social Promoters

Nowadays, there are many who have established themselves for a certain audience and content. Businesses can look around and find the right kind of individual who suits the brand or product that they wish to promote. These people then become marketing tools. Businesses realise that partnering with such individuals helps to open up businesses across avenues that have not been explored before.

Examples of Successful Influencers

  • Daily Dose: This is not an individual but an agency for digital marketing. It is known to offer motivational content on social media. The content includes powerful messages that are shared every day. Their content can be tailored as per the needs of people. The founder of the company state that their reach is across 200 million people, the focus is to make a difference, and for that, they use memes, pictures and visual formats.
  • Cameron Dallas: He started as a personality on the Internet, being popular on YouTube and Vine as well as having about 21 million followers on Instagram. He now has his own show, Chasing Cameron on Netflix. His posts are known for his charisma and personal touches and for showcasing his interests.
  • Huda Kattan: She is known to be an influential expert on beauty and makeup products. Being born and brought up in Oklahoma, her outreach in social media is large. Instagram is the main outlet where she promotes different brands, and it is all about the visuals she puts up. Her videos comprise of makeup applications, sharing reviews, establishing trends in makeup and creating different how-to videos.
  • Kayla Itsines: She is an entrepreneur and personal trainer of Australian origin. Known to have about 10.5 million in followers, her posts include workout videos, diet tips, inspirational messages, and so forth. She has been featured among the Top 30 Most Influential People on the Internet. Her posts have also featured in Bikini Body Guides where she shows herself off and others as well.


The world of social media influencers is a growing one, given the convenience of people being able to make videos and posts that are easily shared among people with common interests. It presents opportunities for brands and businesses to get their products and services advertised through such individuals who can showcase the right lifestyle and effects of the same in a social context. It is akin to advertising through real customers or likely ones who can demonstrate the intended uses of products and services suited to their lifestyle.

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