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Spectrum internet is one of the most reliable and affordable internet services that you will find. There are 3 different high speed internet and home WiFi deals offered by Charter Communications. Once you have subscribed, there are many advantages of installing Spectrum internet yourself. You don’t need to have a technician in your home. Let’s walk through the installation process and see how you can install the internet yourself.

This guide will be useful even if you need to call a professional technician to do the job.

If you have been subscribing to a cable television service such as Spectrum TV or you have a cable connected to your home, you’ll probably be able to install your Spectrum internet service yourself. This guide will be useful even if you need to call a professional technician to do the job. You’ll know exactly what to expect.

Is it easy to install Spectrum Internet on my own?

This is a frequently asked question. If you are not a tech-savvy person, you might have some doubts.

Lucky for you, this guide is designed in a simple way. We have broken down the steps comprehensively so that you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

What are the advantages of Spectrum Internet Self-Installation?

The first advantage is that you get to save money. Secondly, you will know about all the wires and where to fit them. Sometimes, a wire gets lose and the internet becomes slow. So, if that happens, you can easily fix it without having to pay a technician to just fix a few wires.

How to install the Spectrum Internet?

Before you install the internet, make sure you prepare for it. You should have a space in mind where you plan to install any new outlets. If your TV needs an internet cable, make sure that you place the modem near it. Also, you need to have a socket where you will be powering the modem.

After you have decided where you will be installing the internet, it is time to unbox the package.

The Spectrum Self-Install Kit typically involves the following things:

· Two power cables

· One Ethernet cable

· One Coaxial cable

· Modem and Wi-Fi Router

Make sure that the kit includes the four cables. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of the process and realize that one of the cables is missing.

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If that happens, you can contact the customer services and ask them to supply the missing piece.

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the easiest part: installing the internet.

Connect the coaxial cable

First, you have to connect the coaxial cable to the end of the modem. If you are unsure of where to connect, you will find a label on the modem.

Connect the power cable

Next comes the power cable. One end of the power cable will be connected to the modem. The other end will be connected to a socket. It will take a few seconds for the modem to turn on.

In case it doesn’t turn on, check to see if you have inserted the power cable in the right place. The LED light on the modem will show a solid color when the modem is powered.

Connect the Ethernet cable

After this, connect the Ethernet cable to the modem and wireless router. There is a second power cable that you have to connect to the router to turn it on as well.

Some people get concerned if it takes a little longer for the LED light to turn on. You should be prepared for five to ten minutes before it turns on. However, don’t worry. This happens only the first time you are connecting the router.

After the Wi-Fi LED light turns on, you can connect the internet on your devices. You have to turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone.

The password and name of the network is usually labeled at the backside of the router. You can enter the password and then activate the service.

If you want to change the password, you can do it later. However, don’t worry. The password with every device is unique. So, no one will be able to hack into your internet.

Activate the service

Activating Spectrum internet is also a simple task. After you have connected to the Spectrum internet, open the web browser.

You will be redirected to the activation page. It is a good idea to use a laptop to activate the Spectrum internet.

Once you’ve activated the service, you can access the internet at an excellent speed. People love it because Spectrum internet is about twenty times faster than DSL. You can get a stress-free experience. Furthermore, Spectrum internet offers you security against the attacks online.

In case you have any issues during the installation process, a Spectrum professional is just a call away. The technicians can guide you over the phone or even visit your home.

However, if you follow all the steps carefully, you will have your internet good to go in just a few minutes.