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In the modern age, 'sales' is often unjustifiably seen as a dirty word by businesses. Some believe a good product should sell itself and that trained sales professionals are a needless expense in generating revenue.

However, the argument fails to account for the potential benefits that can be accessed by training a dedicated sales force and positioning them strategically within an operation. @spencer.lodge is the CEO of Make It Happen. He has committed himself to spread awareness and expertise in sales.

Spencer Lodge’s vast portfolio stretches beyond the realms of sales into broader business development. In addition to his work providing the insight necessary for growth, the entrepreneur is the co-founder of The Blue Sky Thinking Group, which boasts three successful subsidiaries in the likes of wealth management and corporate health and wellness.

The diversity of Spencer’s experience equips him with the knowledge to tackle the revenue obstacles faced by any business, big or small. To date, he has helped hundreds of companies, including Aldar, Bayut, Azizi, and thousands more enthusiastic individuals.

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Enhancing his professional offering is the myriad of multimedia assets Spencer passionately propagates. Accessible via, the Make It Happen University is chief among them. Every nook and cranny of Spencer’s informed wisdom is accessible to willing students and can be found within over 400 videos. The course is separated into seven key modules that cover every step to maximize sales in landmark detail.

In this instance, informed doesn’t necessarily represent the lessons of formal education. Spencer openly describes himself as a ‘working-class kid’ and found his business spark during the mundanity of a factory job early in life. A passion for sales drove the youngster off the factory line and into a tenacious pursuit of a career in selling. The transition is now responsible for the training of many like-minded people.

The unexpected latest chapter in Spencer’s story is the current development of his docuseries ‘The Chain’, which explores and challenges the human trafficking industry. Millions continue to await Spencer’s input in worlds far beyond business development.