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Spencer Vann: Sharing The Secrets of Surplus Funds to Foreclosed Homeowners Who Didn’t Know It’s There

Educating many homeowners about overage home sales claims and teaching real estate investors how to start and grow their own Surplus Funds business.
Spencer Vann

Surplus funds are certifiably not a new strategy or concept. While it could be unfamiliar to many, people may know of it as Overages, Tax Sale Overage, Tax Sale Surplus, Surplus Recovery, Unclaimed Funds from Tax Sale, Mortgage Surplus, and so on. When a homeowner stops making payments on his/her mortgages after paying over some time, the house goes into foreclosure if they can’t work out a deal with the bank. Over time, the house’s equity increases. By the time the bank auctions the house, the price has already increased. The excess money or overages added on top of the original loan amount are referred to as Surplus Funds which most homeowners aren’t aware of and end up not claiming.

One individual rising among many to educate many homeowners about Surplus Funds is Spencer Vann. Co-founder and CEO of, Spencer Vann is leading his team of coaches and his company to creating financial advancements for all individuals who have lost their homes to foreclosures or who are owed money by the government. Spencer Vann, with a near-decade of self-development and business experience, and his team provides Coaching and Support services to all homeowners who need help learning more about their foreclosed home’s overages. 

Educating many homeowners about overage home sales claims and teaching real estate investors how to start and grow their own Surplus Funds business.

Before discovering surplus funds (an untouched gem as what he likes to call it), Spencer Vann spent 2 to 3 years honing his craft in real estate and sales psychology. He spent many hours trying to obsessively learn more about real estate just to make sure he masters as many aspects in his chosen field as possible. Spencer recalls closing his first wholesale real estate deal at the age of 17 was what pushed him to become a real estate agent trying to continuously master his craft in this industry.

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After learning more about Surplus Funds, Spencer Vann realized that with the power of Surplus Funds, many homeowners across the country could get reunited or will be able to retrieve billions of dollars they rightfully own out of overages from the sales money earned from their sold, foreclosed houses. For quite some time now, it has been Spencer’s mission to also help educate other real estate investors on how to start and grow a Surplus Fund recovery business through online courses and consultations he and his business partner designed and are continuously relaying to many of their clients.

The reason why many individuals love Spencer Vann’s business and training is because of how incredible all courses and programs are designed to easily teach anyone how to make money out of overages. Many training programs out there leave out a lot of “little details” which Spencer makes sure that he includes in his. On top of that, they also schedule consultation calls every week just to make sure all students and clients succeed.

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Learn more about Spencer Vann’s training by visiting You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Connect with him on his LinkedIn account Spencer Vann.