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Ever since the Supreme Court of the United States has made a decision regarding the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act or PASPA in 2018, many states immediately made the decision to legalize sports betting within their borders.

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Currently, states like New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada already allows sports wagering for their locals. While places like Colorado, Kansas, and Kentucky are still waiting for the next legislative session.

The state’s complicated gaming landscape on on-going banter with the tribes are mainly the reasons why passing a bill regarding sports betting is quite a task.

California has yet to make a decision regarding this matter. The truth is that the legislation of sports betting within this state has already been brought up multiple times in the past. The state’s complicated gaming landscape on on-going banter with the tribes are mainly the reasons why passing a bill regarding sports betting is quite a task.

The thing about California is that it’s actually a gambling state. People gamble through horse races, tribal casinos, and card rooms. But how come they are still having a hard time legalizing sports and online betting in California?

It’s really the tribes in this state that exclusively offer such forms of gambling. It’s a privilege that the state is infringing upon. Legal battles have already happened because of regulated card rooms in the state, but these still brought in no resolution.

An example of this was what happened in November of last year. A lawsuit from the Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians and the Santa Ynez of Chumash Mission Indians was filed with the San Diego Superior Court. Apparently, dozens of card rooms had been illegally operating in the Chula Vista to the Bay Area,

This made the tribes unhappy as they have had substantial financial losses because of these card rooms. IT was estimated that they lost around 13 million US dollars because of this. Surely, this only strained the state and tribal relationship, which just affects the possibility of expansion.

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Senator Bill Dodd, the author of SCA 6 who has been giving a lot of effort to legalize sports betting in California, has said that he does understand the dynamics in play when it comes to convincing the tribes regarding this matter, but he’d like to give more focus on the voting public.

“We want to get an initiative on the ballot that the voters can understand. Perhaps in the process, maybe bring all the gambling institutions — card rooms, horse racing, tribal casinos — all together,” he told Fox 40.

However, even if this is what he wants to focus on, tribal approval is still important. It’s mainly seen as a prerequisite to authorize the legislation.

Still, there are more and more people who are finally realizing the benefit of legalizing sports betting in California this year. Sports leagues and teams like the NBA and Sacramento Kings are now one of the organizations that appear to be advocated of legal sports betting.

This could mean that it may be easier to convince the tribes than what many really think. The demand for legalized sports betting in California can change the stance of these tribes. In fact, the chairman of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association, Steve Stallings, has said that the natives might be up for this as long as they get to protect their already existing casino empire.

“The tribes understand the industry and are positive about growth and expansion, but not an expansion that would jeopardize tribes’ exclusivity (to offer casino games) or things we do now. We told the legislators we will discuss it, but we want details on tax rates, who would be eligible, how it would operate,” said Stallings.

Sports betting fans within the state hoped to be able to place their bets for the NFL season 7 and NBA season starting before this year ends, but this is still impossible at the moment. The legislature is still just hoping to bring stakeholders and experts to Los Angeles for the next 219 hearing.

These experts will be brought in to testify about legalizing sports betting on November 20. This date is still tentative, but it is set to happen in Los Angeles. Senator Bill Dodd is supported by Adam Gray, an Assemblyman who has always been in favor of this.

If the bill passes, a change in the Constitution of the state will still be necessary. The people of California will also have to approve of this through voting. Although currently, it appears that majority of California is already good with this. It’s really the tribal approval that’s going to be tough to get here.