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Starting a Record Label

De’el Woods recently launched his record label known as Better Than Amazing Records, a platform where he provides talented artists with proper equipment, studio time, and a marketing facility. While spending 12 years in network marketing and being a high frequency forex trader, De’el still decided to launch his business in the music industry as the owner and writer of a record label. Here are 3 reasons where De’el Woods explains why he decided to establish Better Than Amazing Records:

  1. Desire to help others

He wanted to provide a platform to all those who had the gift of producing amazing music but were lacking a chance to prove themselves.

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De’el was always a generous individual who wanted to assist as many people as he possibly could. Even his first business was based on teaching people how to trade forex so that they can become financially independent. All this was because, from a very young age, De’el suffered at the hands of poverty and strived to grow his money. During his high school days, he worked at a total of 5 jobs and sold clothes out of the trunk of his car to earn some extra cash. Even after graduating, there were times when despite having a job he had to donate plasma for gas money and food. As a result, De'el knew what it was like to have the talent yet being deprived of opportunities. Thus, he made it his goal to help all the struggling artists like his two cousins who were looking for an opportunity in the music industry for a combined 25 years.

  1. Expose amazing voices and creativity to the world

Initially, De’el intended to start his record label to help out his two cousins who had great potential talent as he wanted the world to hear their mesmerizing voices and see their creative work. However, as he encountered the lack of opportunities that musicians had, De’el began to expand his work. With his record label, he wanted to provide a platform to all those who had the gift of producing amazing music but were lacking a chance to prove themselves.

  1. Add value to the work of talented artists
Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

De’el promises that his company adds value to the work of all artists he works with. He claims that no other company in the field works the way Better Than Amazing Records does. Thus, his record label will not only encourage artists to pursue their passions but will also push them to develop an inspiring career. Currently, De’el is working with the artist called, M.Y.A.I, whose popular songs are Classic and You A King ft. Brother Ben X.