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Driving around heavy commercial vehicles can be quite a challenge even for seasoned drivers. Besides observing basic road safety rules, it becomes important to be very vigilant and to take extra care on the road.

Here are some safety tips for driving near commercial vehicles that will come useful for your next road trip.

1.Drive with patience

It is very important to drive with patience while on the road with heavy trucks and commercial vehicles. Truck drivers adhere to pretty strict road rules and it's better that you get a hang of them too.

Drive within a safe speed limit and don't get aggressive or honk too often. It is always recommended that you signal well ahead in time. For instance, if you're changing lanes or taking a turn, you shouldn't indicate at the last moment. Never stop or bring down your speed abruptly without first checking on the speed of nearby traffic.

2.Drive with focus

Using GPS systems, smart phones or other gadgets while driving can divert your attention and affect your reaction time.

Getting distracted and losing your focus from the road can be rather dangerous. Using GPS systems, smart phones or other gadgets while driving can divert your attention and affect your reaction time.

Avoid driving if you're feeling fatigued or drowsy. Take a break and get some rest off the road. If you are bound on a long journey, take halt at a motel. You can also have another driver along who can relieve you from driving.

Never drive if you are drunk or under influence of drugs. Remember even someprescription medications can have side effects that can affect your judgment and driving.

3.Adopt safe passing

While passing another vehicle on the highway you need to be extra cautious. It is not possible for large vehicles to maneuver or slow down quickly. If you try to pass too fast and without signaling ahead of time, a truck driver may not be able to react promptly. Similarly, when another heavy vehicle passes you, get slower and allow sufficient space for the vehicle.

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Although trucks andcommercial vehicles online are marketed with advanced safety features like blind-spot monitoring and collision warning, it's still advisable to observe caution while driving near such heavy vehicles.

4.Always wear the safety belt

It is illegal to drive without a safety belt in most states of America. The law has been enforced to save lives and should not be taken lightly. If there's an accident the seat belt can keep you safe from any major bodily harm. Make sure that even the passengers commuting with you are wearing the safety belt securely. Kids should always be in the back seat or age appropriate car seat.

5.Stay clear of blind spots

One reason why driving around heavy vehicles is tricky is due to the blind spots. Large commercial vehicles have significantly larger blind spot areas. Driving on a vehicle's blind spot can lead to mishaps. In order to avoid the blind spot areas, pay attention to the following:

Avoid the lane at least to half the length of the truck or trailer on the driver's side.

Avoid 20 feet distance in the front and 30 feet behind the truck or trailer.

Avoid two lanes on the right side, stretching to the back of the truck or trailer.

6.Maintain driving distance

Keeping safe driving distance from trucks and trailers is a standard rule for driving on highways. For guidance, you should at least keep 4-5 seconds driving distance. Remember, if you're following a truck too closely, the driver will not be able to see your vehicle.

In order to avoid accidents, maintain a safe and steady distance from large vehicles.

7.Be careful with wide turns

When it comes to maneuvering the vehicle for a turn, trucks and trailers need a lot of space. Also, the cab and trailer are not absolutely aligned on the turn. Usually, the truck would need some space on the left side to swing around and make the turn. You should be wary of trucks that have indicated a signal to turn. Never try to overtake such trucks.