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How people have adapted to staying connected online is astounding. In 2020, video chat has become so much more than just a means to catch up quickly with a loved one that lives far away. Today it’s how you can host game nights, cook together, watch movies together, and enjoy each other’s company in ways that we used to only be able to do huddled on the same couch.

Whether you are separated from your family or your friends, these top trending activities will help you better connect to your loved ones abroad

Whether you are separated from your family or your friends, these top trending activities will help you better connect to your loved ones abroad:

Hosting Game Nights

Game nights are one of the most brilliant ways that we have worked to become more connected, despite being more physically distanced than ever before. With an increase in games specifically designed for such nights, there are more options than ever before. Online multiplayer, the ability to use your phone as a console, and even your own made-up games are all perfect opportunities to have fun and stay focused in a digital setting all night long.

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Creating Together

Have a recipe you wanted to try out? See if anyone you know also wants to try it out and have a video call while you both attempt the recipe together. It’s a great thing to keep you busy while you catch up, and when you are done, you’ll enjoy something delicious that tastes similar to one another that you can share in.

Baking isn’t your only option. You can paint, craft, do DIY projects – the list goes on because really, it’s just a matter of doing the same thing at the same time so that you can share in a bond together while doing it.

Sending Gifts

A great way to tell someone that you are thinking of them is to send them gifts. Even small gifts like gift cards from Gifts Vouchers can be really touching and very personal. Say your friend was talking about wanting to try out this certain dish from a nearby restaurant. If that restaurant is on a food delivery service, you can send them the gift card to Deliveroo or Uber Eats so that they can enjoy a meal on you.

Sharing Together

What better way to share something together than watching films together? There are now apps and even built-in features in streaming services that make it unbelievably easy to watch your favorite shows together online over a video call.

Little things like this are touching, thoughtful, and can definitely be romantic if you are trying to manage a long-distance relationship. They don’t have to be big, and they don’t have to be expensive, as it’s the thought that really gets through.

The most important part of any of these methods is the frequency in which they are done. By becoming accustomed to video calls and spending time together like this, you can enjoy it like its second nature. It’s easier to talk to people, easier to play games or cook together, and easier to connect when you do it more often using the tools available to you.