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Stephanie Gonzalez Shares the Prime Ideology behind Her Modeling and Social Media Influencing Career

Stephanie shares that we are more than what we see on the exterior when it comes to true beauty.
Stephanie Gonzalez

If you are struggling with being a plus-size woman and feel like this isn’t taking you anywhere, the story of Stephanie Gonzalez is a true inspiration for you.

Stephanie Gonzalez is a famous plus-size model who found her way beyond the unrealistic social standards of beauty and success. Stephanie struggled with bodily difficulties, emotional traumas, and a variety of other problems as a result of her difficult upbringing in a middle-class household. Those were the hard times, and she had gotten herself into a drug-addiction quagmire.

Her time in recovery was a life-changing experience for her, and she resolved to reclaim her power and promote as much kindness and love for individuals dealing with body issues as she could. She decided to alter her life and started off as a social media influencer. Her Instagram presence, “She Be Stephanie,” is about ladies of all sizes and shapes. She believes that beauty comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and ages.

Stephanie shares that we are more than what we see on the exterior when it comes to true beauty.

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The prime ideology behind her influence is to let people like her know that they are a one-of-a-kind snowflake, Nature’s masterpiece. Just as snowflakes occur in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and no two are alike, women of all shapes and sizes should be confident in their appearance. She emphasizes that you should not believe that you will never be attractive. Stephanie highlights that the body struggles are not only for fat people, but too skinny people can also experience the same effect. Therefore, she tells thousands of people to just keep in mind that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes!

Upon talking about the natural beauty and unrealistic beauty standards, the mainstream society has set for women, Stephanie shares that we are more than what we see on the exterior when it comes to true beauty. What happens on the inside bleeds out onto the outside. People who appear handsome at first appearance may lose their appeal if their personalities are unattractive, and vice versa.

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Her core message behind her influencing and plus-size modeling is that if anyone is arrogant, they have to work on the inside. They are NOT beautiful at all. “I have met folks who are lovely on the inside and out yet are unhappy with some aspects of their appearance,” shares Stephanie, “So, I strive to influence people to be the person who reaches out to correct others’ crooked crowns without letting them know and love each other as much as you love yourself.”