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Steven Franz is a young social influencer originating from Austin, Texas. In his mid-20s, the striving content creator manages to provide plenty of viral content. Even his failures have been a delight for the fans and followers, including becoming Joe Exotic for a day.

The social media influencer continues to grow across various social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, YouTube remains his primary field of growth as he aims for that 1 million marks. Steven Franz is taking a different approach than others of his trade. We’ve seen several public interviews where people get questions. However, most of these are quite sober, in daylight and people can be quite conscious about it. As a result, it gets bland. That’s not what Steven had in mind.

He decided to hit the downtown clubs in the night. For days, weeks or even a month, he wanders the streets asking people the same questions. As he collects his answers, he brings you a compiled list. But what’s so enthralling about it? People are drunk, hammered and that leads to honesty.

Not just honesty, but it can make up for some of the most hype & vibe videos that keep the content refreshing and appealing to the audience.

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Heating His Audience Out

There’s no doubt that when you see him on the camera, he is giving his attention to the people. He lets them do their thing, give their answer, regardless of how long it takes. But that’s not all he brings to the videos and his contents. Steven has decided to incorporate another unique approach to engaging his audience in the content.

He actively asks them to comment on some questions they would like him to ask people. This has led to some of the hilarious ones. Of course, it can be quite controversial, too. However, he doesn’t have any intention of harming anyone’s feelings. Primarily, he brings authentic answers without any sugar coating.

Blending Boldly With The Audience

There’s no doubt that the rising influencer has a charming personality. From his videos, you can see that he is well-received by the audience. However, his bold approach and questions make him even more fun to have around. Steven isn’t afraid to ask any kind of questions but that’s not all.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

He has brought us several brilliant videos in which he has pretended to be someone else. Notoriously, he has gone to the heights of getting a Lil Nas look alike to fake an appearance and prank people. This courage to take bold moves certainly brings out the best in his content. With his actions, he also continues to inspire his loyal followers.