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To the common folk, art may simply seem as a form of recreation or a beautiful piece of decor. However, for artists like Stina Aleah, art is much more than that. Each masterpiece is not only an excellent way to express their emotions and share profound messages, but it is also an extension of themselves.


Stina Aleah is a self-taught visual artist who started painting after suffering a sports-related injury. "I began teaching myself how to oil paint in 2015, and I value the dedication and consistency it took to become a great and vastly collected oil painter. My dedication shows through my work, painting every day to ensure I am bringing value to the art industry and continue challenging myself with every new painting," she shared.

What makes the gifted young woman stand out is her innate ability to captivate people through her work. She is an excellent artist and a remarkable storyteller who expertly translates stories onto the canvas. Taking inspiration from her life experiences, she creates exquisite oil paintings that inspire and motivate the audience.

On top of that, most of Stina Aleah's creations focus on and highlight the causes she champions. She hopes that through her creativity and art, she can make a positive and significant impact on the community.

As she insightfully explained, "My art also really focuses on mental health, empowering the individual viewer to have faith and hope that they can continue on and get through their struggles or pain too. Each of these paintings stems from life experiences that really allow viewers to feel connected to the stories in which most people would feel alone."

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Her original pieces also come with thought-provoking titles that shed light on important issues, just like "Inappropriate Advances," "I Can't Feel Like Myself," "Please Align Me," and "I Cannot Hear Myself."

The inspiring woman has earned praise and admiration because of her undeniable artistry and impressive advocacies. In fact, her art has made it to the collection of many art enthusiasts internationally.

In addition, Stina Aleah was part of various group and art exhibitions, including the Helping Hands Solo Exhibition and the New Beginnings Group Art Show in 2021. She also did several corporate collaborations and brand partnerships with well-known organizations like Disney's Marvel, Excedrin, the NBA Influencer Program, and Facebook.

Aside from being a distinguished visual artist, the extraordinary individual is also an author and public speaker. In all of her endeavors, Stina Aleah strives to make a difference. She remains faithful to her mantra, "Be kind or be nothing."

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Above all, the intuitive young woman is a testament that art is more than something that can be perceived. More than anything, great art should serve as conversation starters, especially on important topics. In the gifted artist's wise words, "Behind every brushstroke, transition of color, and embellished figure, underlies a hidden message. I encourage viewers to look beyond the surface of the canvas to uncover stories that are relevant and identifiable to ourselves and our society."