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Business development includes the growth of the business, sales made, expansion of the business, achievement of goals, startup costs, and the targeted milestones.

Strategy business development is the formulation and implementation of goals and targets set by an organization. It aligns the development process with its set goals and also helps acquire ideal clients using the brand promises delivered.

Strategies for business development

The strategies for business development include:

1. Networking

Face-to-face networking has proven to be the best way to develop relationships between the business and its clients. Social media networking has also borne fruits while saving time and resources.

2. Referrals

How well a client is satisfied by your services determines whether they will refer you to their friends. Referrals have proven to establish new relationships and businesses.

3. Sponsorship and advertisements

Sponsoring events tends to market your business and attract different clients. Advertisements create awareness to the target audience thus marketing your business.

4. Telephone and mail

Sending mails and calling your clients informing them of your new services and products goes a long way in marketing your company and its services.

5. Thorough leadership and content marketing

How is the firm being run? Does the management portray a great leadership skill? Also, a company's website sends important information about the company through blogs and content marketing.

6. Combined strategies

When two or more strategies are combined then the company's goals are easily achieved. For example when you combine networking and sponsorships then the targets and goals will be easily achieved.

Business development tactics

To develop the business even further, the following tactics can be used:

· Assessment and consultation

Assessing the competitor businesses will give you an inkling of their strategies. Also, consulting with business gurus will put you at the front of the business.

· Search Engine Optimization and keywords

Research what your target audience is searching for and deliver exactly that.

· Live product service demonstration

What better way than showing how to use your products on live broadcasts or showing how you serve your clients. Doing this will attract clients to your doorstep.

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· Original research

Dive deep into research and figure out unique products and services to give to your clients. People are attracted to new things thus this will push your business to a higher level.

· Educational webinars

Educating your target audience on your products, services, management, and objectives will put them at par with your company's trend.

· Social media networking

This tactic will attract the masses to your products and services. All you need to do is target the right audience.

Creating your strategic business plan will require you to:

· Understand your target audience

· Researching competitors

· Identifying your advantage

· Choosing your tactics and strategies

· Monitoring your growth and trends.


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When you follow all that I have mentioned above, you will have an amazing strategy business development plan and an awesome plan to implement it. Monitor the new business trends and patterns so you can be at the top of your game! Happy strategizing.