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The 2020 NFL Super Bowl 54 is the talk of the town nowadays. Undeniably, football fans all over the world, especially in the United States, are making sly innuendos of their bets to their friends and betting competitors. Even popular sports platforms and media entities are showing predictions and odds values as to what team can possibly win.

Super Bowl 54

While it is still early to predict and identify the rightful winner for this year’s NFL finals, the futures odds for NFL are now slowly filling-up the news, highlighting the teams that are highly favoured to end up victorious.

While it is still early to predict and identify the rightful winner for this year’s NFL finals, the futures odds for NFL are now slowly filling-up the news, highlighting the teams that are highly favoured to end up victorious.

Whether you’re a pro bettor or an avid football fan who’s a novice punter, we will give you a clearer picture of how each team gained their futures odds. We will also showcase all the competing teams, including the NFL Super Bowl 54 favorites, to get a full understanding of how their futures odds look like.

This information will surely lend you a hand in assessing the team worthy of staking your money on, which in turn, help you make a bang for your buck. Let’s first have a quick recap on how the contenders for the 2020 NFL finals performed in the past seasons.

In the Super Bowl 53, New England Patriots dominated the game and took home the championship title. They bested the Los Angeles Rams tallying a score of 13-3. Because of this, they recorded unusual historical finishes in the entire Super Bowl competition.

Moving forward, it was only during this season that the New England Patriots has earned the most favourites from football fans to win the Super Bowl 54. Also, the sports community never considered them to win the AFC Division because most fans believed that other strong contenders could slay better.

Due to the impressive skills shown by Tom Brady along with the coaching strategies of Bill Belichick, the Pats won the AFC East Division and defeated Dolphins, who is the former’s closest rival team. That said, they will complete the list for the AFC teams who will appear in the NFL finals this year together with the Texans, Ravens, and Chiefs.

Now, let’s move on to the NFC Division and see which team gets the most number of favourites to win the 2020 NFL title.

After the elimination rounds in the NFC Division, football fans were overwhelmed by the results. It is because the records shown by the competing teams were higher compared to the AFC side. Consequently, many bettors tried to switch their bets and changed their entries.

The New Orleans Saints is now garnering the highest votes for the most favoured team to win the Super Bowl 54. The team finished the NFC South season with thirteen wins and three losses.

Just as we think the Saints was the best team to bet, the San Francisco 49ers came out with a surprise. They took home the NFC West Division title tying the Saints’ record to thirteen wins and three losses, giving a little shakeup in the current futures odds for the 2020 NFL. These two teams might face a great matchup in the Super Bowl 54.

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The remaining two NFC winners also don’t want to get left behind. The New Orleans Saints, which is the NFC South and Green Bay Packers NFC North champions, has been generating futures odds that don’t get too far from the other competing teams, as well.

Now that you have known which are hanging on top with excellent futures odds both in the AFC and NFC Division, let’s take a closer prediction as to what teams can be projected to win this year’s Super Bowl 54 championship title.

This prediction is based on the records shown by the winners during their respective conferences.

AFC Division Winners

  • East - New England Patriots
  • West - Kansas City Chiefs
  • North - Baltimore Ravens
  • South - Houston Texans

NFC Division Winners

  • East - Philadelphia Eagles
  • West - San Francisco 49ers
  • North - Green Bay Packers
  • South - New Orleans Saints

AFC Championship

  • Texans versus Kansas City Chiefs

NFC Championship

  • Packers versus 49ers

Super Bowl 54 MatchUp

  • Packers versus Chiefs


There’s certainly a great pressure for all the competing teams in the 2020 NFL finals. As you can observe, many are provoking new favourites from football fans. Other reams are also initiating their futures odds based on their assigned conferences.

Due to the tight competition between each team, it’s still hard to affirm the most potential winner. You can say that the Chiefs and the Pakcers will face the final Super Bowl matchups. If you really wanted to win this year’s NFL betting games and bring home the most delicious bacon, you can rely on the predictions outlined above. At the same time, continuously research so you can correctly pick the team you desire to wager.

Jara Jones