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Sydney Blank

Veganism is no longer just a trend for people to project a certain image of themselves onto others, it has become a natural solution for those who care about protecting nature, as well as their body. The skincare brand SkinBySyd is a totally organic, paragon, cruelty, and fragrance-free line that is deviating away from harsh chemicals, and focusing on a cleaner alternative by using plant-based properties.

Before creating SkinBySyd, Sydney Blank was a model for many years, and had applied almost every skincare brand that was on the market. She began to notice the detrimental effects on her skin just one day after application, as most skincare brands used a litany of chemical products. At the time Blank was modeling, vegan skincare products were few and far between, so Blank decided to concoct her own natural mix of cosmetics. The experiment yielded successful results, as the vegan elements showed to be substantially less irritating, and her skin attained a natural glow that was previously unseen with the top skincare brands that Blank was using.

Blank was continuously showered with compliments about her perfect complexion after her use of the vegan mix she was applying, Blank then decided that she wanted to help others attain the same results that she was getting without the use of chemicals. As a result, SkinBySyd was born. 

At the time Blank was modeling, vegan skincare products were few and far between, so Blank decided to concoct her own natural mix of cosmetics.

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Blank says that some people think vegan skincare is not effective, and she always make sure to reinforce the fact that our skin is very delicate, and the health and look of our skin is being compromised after consistent application of harsh chemicals that are often associated with the big-name brands. Blank believes that prolonged use of these chemicals can cause irreparable harm to the skin.

Blank says that plants are the main source of vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants, all of which are the best tools to preserve, moisturize, and nourish are skin. Plants are the foundation of vegan skincare, and utilizing this method is an easy way to make skincare products that are infused with synthetic coloring, artificial fragrance, and harmful chemicals a thing of the past. A great analogy can be made in favor of natural products when viewing our overall health, as natural products are more beneficial for digestive health and our overall well-being. The same holds true for skincare, as there is no sustainable way to pollute your body with harmful chemicals, all while achieving desired results over an extended period of time. Clearly, all-natural ingredients is the way to go.

SkinBySyd is completely paraben-free, this is of paramount importance because researchers have found that up to 90 percent of cosmetics may have parabens, this heightens the risk for hormonal imbalance and even cancer. Consumers are able to make a qualified brand comparison before purchasing products from SkinBySyd. SkinbySyd offers a transparent look into all the ingredients used in their skincare products, as well as all the elements that go into formulating the ingredient. By doing this, Blank is able to address the issue of harmful ingredients being hidden in plain sight when it comes to the big brands, and offering a transparent and significantly healthier option to big brands like Chanel and Shiseido.

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Blank is convinced that vegan skincare is the future, as she has been the perfect case study for the long-term benefits that natural ingredients provide to healthy and glowing skin. SkinBySyd just launched in Dubai this summer, and plans to grow across different regions of the world. Vegan skincare can be applied to any type of skin, regardless of gender. Blank is at the forefront of vegan skincare and seeks to share her positive experience with all users who are currently suffering from the harmful chemicals associated with many big brand skincare products.