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Syed Ali Azgar Razvi

The path to success is not something which can be conquered over a day or over a night. Many who have tasted victory will have a story to share that has a mix of struggle, determination and passion that ultimately lead to to the benefits that they are able to enjoy now. The consistent efforts that make way for a successful life can be traced back to the days where it was started from nothing.

Syed Ali Azgar Razvi, a charming young entrepreneur who hails from the village of Magan, Jammu and Kashmir has a lot to share about the ways in which his struggles hve influenced himself. Like every other business aspirant, Syed had his eyes on becoming a successful entrepreneur in a short period of time. But as he entered his field of expertise he realised nothing comes without effort and that, tasting success in a jiffy was not exactly possible.

He started his journey in the business field in the year 2012 and has been following various business strategies that helped him excel to the point that everyone around him envied the position that he held. He had started a new venture, RCF Multiventure Pvt Ltd, which deals with the wholesale and distribution of FMCG, following the footsteps of his father who has been managing the family business for years now. With the business tactics and mentorship that he gets from his father, Syed has been able to bring out the potential within him in a more productive and profitable way that the number of losses that he has experienced over time is comparatively less.

Maintaining consistency has been the one thing that Syed Ali looks forward with prime importance in his goals.

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Maintaining consistency has been the one thing that Syed Ali looks forward with prime importance in his goals. He naked sure that although he has successful projects coming his way one after another, he is not bothered much by the way it can negatively influence in the form of overconfidence. In fact, he makes sure that a part of his profit goes into supporting the financially unstable sports aspirants around him. He wants to be able to share his success and happiness with the people who deserve to be treated well.

He has been looking forward to being a part of sponsoring the talented youth ever since he started his business. But, only as he became succesful and financially stable that he took the matter seriously into his hands. Now, he sponsors many talent teenagers who have been unable to continue their sports practices due to their lack of financial support. Most of these children come from the lower middle class families, where they can't afford the products for sports activities.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

For Syed Ali, this can't be put in the same place as charity. For him, its an act of love that puts him together and helps him work happily. He says, "During my childhood, i have always been passionate about sports and other activities. When i see kids around me with the same vigour, i cant do anything but help them build their future embracing their talent."