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Your house may feel like a sauna in summer. There are steps you can take to keep you and your family from feeling too warm however. The best ways to improve cooling are discussed. Keep reading.

Ceiling Fans

The best way to deal with heat would be to install ceiling fans. They may not be very popular in homes where you live, however, installing them would make your property more appealing if you’re ever thinking of selling it.

As the fans rotate, they would produce air currents. Hot air would be dispelled while cool air would flow downwards. How powerful the machines would be depend on their motors. You’re advised to go for ones with DC motors, as they are beastly.


Plants absorb carbon dioxide in an area and let out oxygen instead. If you have many plants in your home, a lot of oxygen would be produced, having a cooling effect on the vicinity.

Overall, the air quality in your house would improve. And the vicinity would look better too.

As the fans rotate, they would produce air currents. Hot air would be dispelled while cool air would flow downwards.


How often do you cook? You may be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this might be contributing to how hot the house is. Your oven might be the culprit – regularly using it would raise the temperature quite a bit. When it’s especially hot outside, limit how often or how long you’d be using the stove. Why not go light and eat a salad instead?

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Fewer People

The number of people in your home could be contributing to its stuffiness. More people result in more heat being sent out. This would produce carbon dioxide which won’t help.


A big-ticket move would be changing your windows. There are countless types of windows, and many have insulating properties. The ones you currently have may not be very insulating. As a result, heat may be entering from outside.

Getting new windows is not cheap. Work with the best teams so that you’d get the most bang for your buck. Go through a list of professional window replacement companies in Calgary.

Closed Spaces

You might have to close all the open spaces if they are letting hot air in. These may be gaps between your doors and windows that are small. Although they may be minute, they could be collectively letting a lot of heat inside.

As mentioned, changing your windows would help with insulation. However, you can take things up a notch and add very thick curtains – the darker the better.

Change Fabrics

What’s the fabric used on the pillows on your couch and your bed sheet? When there is a lot of natural fiber inside, they would be very breathable. Air would circulate, not letting you sweat.

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Unfortunately, your house could be an oven during the hot months. The points discussed would help cool things down. From everything we talked about, the best thing to do would be install ceiling fans. They would create air currents, getting rid of heat. Moreover, they would make your property more appealing if you’re ever going to sell it.