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CBD oil is a potent, low-risk, and highly-coveted extract because of its health benefits. Despite the controversies associated with it, it stays relevant because of its unique properties, particularly the ability to cure chronic pain [1] and gain back the natural and calm state of users’ central nervous system.


Manufacturers continuously innovate ways on how to take CBD oil and make it appealing and easy for users to do so. In the same way, these different methods help us maximize the benefits.

Choosing the right way to take CBD oil should not be a hit or miss – be an informed user by checking out these helpful tips and discussion of the different methods of taking CBD oil.

Important considerations in knowing which CBD oil method of intake to use

Ease of intake

One of the more popular considerations in choosing a CBD product is the ease of taking it. Doctors require to take medications consistently during a certain period to increase effectiveness.

In addition, this mimics the results of clinical studies that involve laboratory subjects. Replicating the best combination of dose-intake intervals to prescriptions ensures that the users will achieve the same results.

Sometimes, it is difficult for me to remember when I last took my medicine. I think you can relate to that, too. Our busy schedule makes us always on the go, oftentimes, making us forget.

With that, users choose the medicine that they can bring with them wherever they are. They want something that is easy to take without the need for aid.

Consistency of dosage

CBD products are in different forms, so it is challenging to know how much you are really taking in at a time. Some users prefer products which have sizable amounts of CBD.

It helps you to become consistent with the doses and observe your body’s reaction to it. This, in turn, can alert you if you are taking in too much or too low, especially when you try a different brand.


Pure CBD oil is potent and based on studies, it can provide immediate results. However, gaining access to pure CBD oil is quite challenging. Some manufacturers misinform the public thus, it is tricky to define the potency you may need

However, there are certain products that are infused with other ingredients aside from CBD, especially when its form calls for it. That’s why there are products that are more potent than the others. This will then affect how your body reacts to it.

Time to take effect

Certain conditions require more immediate relief than others. Epilepsy, for instance, causes the body to have a seizure, and it’s sudden, almost without prior symptoms. Seizures, if not controlled, are destructive so it needs medication that easily manifests its effect on users. From Verified CBD's guide, we learn that there are other factors affecting CBD effects such as method of using CBD, body chemistry, dosage and so on.

Additional equipment needed

There are certain CBD oil products that require the aid of equipment. Some of us may find this awkward, while some do not mind especially when it will help maximize the CBD’s benefits.


Let’s face it: CBD is quite pricey. You surely want to find more value for your money by looking at the instances where you can use the product.

Sometimes, you look at the numbers, but more often, the effectiveness of the product is all you need to see and achieve. Now, let’s take a look at the various ways on how to take CBD oil.

Edibles and capsules

Perhaps, the most common form of CBD is in a capsule or pill. It is easier to identify it as a medicine when taken orally.

Take one capsule on your preferred time of the day with a glass of water. It is best to have it at the same time every day for consistency.


  • Comes in an individual form so it is easy to pop a pill or two
  • Comes in sizable quantities of CBD written in the label
  • Portable, easy to take with you during travel
  • Easier to integrate into our daily routine


  • May take longer to digest and feel the effects
  • Needs water to help you swallow it

Capsules are ideal for people who follow an everyday routine. Edibles, on the other hand, pertain to typical foods infused with CBD oil. This appeals to many users since we can take in CBD and enjoy its benefits with our normal lifestyle.

Foods like gummies and taffies, though, taste a lot like the usual flavored ones in the market should be taken in moderation. Be mindful of the CBD concentration on the label and if you are a first-time user, it is best to take the lowest dose. Observe its effects first before scaling up.


  • Flexible and has many ways on how to take CBD
  • Makes CBD more fun to take
  • Helps kids take CBD to help them with their conditions
  • Portable and easy to take - no water needed


  • Not easy to measure CBD concentration
  • Effects may take longer to achieve so you tend to take more
  • You cannot easily measure its potency

Edibles are best taken if you want a more fun and exciting way to take CBD. It is not the usual once or twice-a-day capsule every morning and night.

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Sublingual products

Some people who have sensory issues or are afraid of tasting weird products may not choose sublingual like tinctures. However, there are some who find it the easiest to take among the different forms of CBD.

The tincture is much like CBD oil itself; it comes with a dropper – taken orally. Measure the lowest dose amount indicated on the label and squeeze it on the back of your tongue[2] then swallow.


  • Easy to take and swallow - no need to aid with water
  • Comes in different flavors to make it easier to swallow


  • Challenging to measure quantities since there might be discrepancies when using a dropper and since it is in liquid form
  • Some tinctures may contain alcohol, so it is best to check the label first for this

Sublingual products are best for people who prefer something that is easier to take without the need to chew. Since it is in liquid form, the body absorbs it easily.


People usually associate topicals to muscle pains and skin regimen. The same holds true for CBD oil topicals, which come in many forms like lotions, creams, balms, etc.

The biggest advantage of using topicals is that users can apply it directly in the affected area. It enables faster effect – you don’t need to wait for it to be digested or processed inside your body.

To use, follow the required dose indicated on the label. In most cases, a dab or a swab is enough. Rub it in the affected area in circular motion for quick absorption. Repeat as you need it or as frequent as you want.


  • Spot treatment for soreness, burns, inflammation, muscle pain, or other areas of concern
  • You can carry anywhere you go as it easily fits in a purse or bag
  • No equipment needed
  • More than a medicine, topicals can also be part of your skin regimen because of its non-oxidative properties
  • Infused with other organic ingredients that are helpful in alleviating pain and promoting skin health


  • It is not as potent as other CBD oil products in the market and its effects do not last long, so it needs frequent application

Topicals are best for people who experience muscle pains and arthritis. [3] It is also a great choice for users who want to take CBD oil into their lifestyle like in the skincare regimen they follow.


Inhaling CBD oil enables you to find relief faster than having it in oral capsule form. Your lungs and bloodstream can easily absorb the vapor.

Vaping CBD oil requires you to purchase a vaporizer pen. Getting a starter kit instead may be a good value when you are starting out.

Smoking CBD oil is also another method to produce vapor. It requires for you to use an “oil rig”, or a piece of equipment that allows you to heat the CBD oil in it to produce vapor.


  • It is easy to achieve the effects since the vapor is goes directly to your lungs and bloodstream


  • The smoke can irritate the throat of some users
  • There is a risk for lung infection from vaping [4]
  • It is hard to know how much CBD you take since you cannot inhale all the vapor
  • It is tough to control the amount of CBD to take

CBD oil in vapor form is best for users who prefer to experience CBD oil in its most potent form.

My verdict

Various methods on how to take CBD oil cater to different needs. While everything can be beneficial in different ways, there are people who have favorites.

CBD tinctures and edibles are mainstays in my bag and at home. CBD oil cream is a must-have rescue remedy that have not failed me ever since.

Now that you already know your CBD oil products, you can make an informed choice that will give the best value for your purchase.

Natalie Grant


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