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The world sees so many overnight successes of different personalities and says that it is just a fluke or his\her fate; but the struggle, dedication, and hard work behind every successful person is always hidden. Some of them don’t want to showcase the hard work they just go through without listening to what people murmuring behind them. One such great personality is Mr. Tariq Khan who has concrete his position with his impeccable talent for acting and great work on fitness.

Let’s see from where he starts sparkling:

Tariq was born in Mumbai on 4th October 1997 but soon he migrated to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He was always loved acting since his school days, from acting as a hobby to pursuing it as a career his journey is so inspiring. With the hope to shine on the world, he polished his natural skills and take a step forward to perfection.

He know very well that the body will also perform a crucial role in his career, so he maintained his body through workouts and yoga. People get his first glimpse when he starts posting his videos on Instagram and other social media handles which led him to unbreakable success. He has a killing personality with 5.10 in height and 68kg of weight which forced people to get attracted. His deep brown eyes clearly express his nature and his mind-blowing talent.

Tariq Khan 1000

His Latest work and Videos:

After doing lots of hard work, finally, he gets what he deserves. His latest song “She’s Too Much”, song forced people to dance and entertain. The song gets lots of love from the audience and the people love the performance of Tariq.

His super hit song was featured with some top-notch music artists M-Zee Bella and Thigh Music. This song has added more fans to his list and it’s just a starting.

His Thoughts about Dreams and Fitness:

Now, Tariq Khan is an inspiring sensation for the youth. His passion and dedication to his work inspire the youth to take a step ahead toward their dream. He is very conscious about his fitness and diet. He says “ workout and healthy food is the secret of fitness” are the basics to remain fit mentally and physically. Thus, some superstars of Bollywood like Aparshakti Khurana and Vidyut Jamwal also met and appreciated his looks and fitness, they also suggested some tips to stay healthy that a regular workout and strict diet with all healthy minerals and vitamins are the only way to look attractive consistently.

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He has proved that no one comes on this earth with a good gift, everyone has to work to achieve what they want. The person can do whatever he wants rather than the things they are not born for.

Moreover, his fans are too inspired by his fitness and performance which escalate his followers on Instagram rapidly.

His Favorite Actors and Actresses:

He says that Shahrukh Khan is his favorite actor, he loves his personality and admires his work, and also follows him closely which helps him to improve as an actor and person.

He also mentioned that his favorite actress is Jacqueline Fernandez, he really admires her fitness and her dedication to her work.

He also follows sports closely, he is a lover of football and he adores Lionel Messi as a superstar football player.

His Future plans :

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He is status is single and he wants to focus on his career only right now. His dream is to shine like a star globally with his talent and hard work. He will just improve himself as much as possible and is always ready to learn after coming from his comfort zone.

Reach out over his official Instagram account