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Are you planning to see a psychic tarot reader? We've prepared five tips to help you get the most out of your next tarot card reading. Keep reading below to find out what to expect when seeing a psychic and 

Our lives are filled with uncertainties from what job we will have in 10 years, when we will find our other half, or whether or not we will have a lot of money in the future. The future is scary, particularly because we don't know anything about it. But it doesn't have to be this way. A psychic can help us gain some insights on what the future has in store for us. 

Tarot card reading explained

Before we move forward to how to make the most out of your next tarot card reading, let's make sure we're on the same page about what you should expect from this experience. 

Tarot cards date back in the 14th century when they were used to play games. Yet, in the 18th century the Empress, the Hanged Man, the Chariot, and Judgement began to be used for divination purposes. It took two more centuries for tarot cards to gain popularity in the US as well. 

In the 18th century the Empress, the Hanged Man, the Chariot, and Judgement began to be used for divination purposes.

Yet, although tarot card reading became widely popular, it wasn't too long ago that there was a negative stigma attached to them. Thanks to Hollywood horror movies, people would often look at tarot cards as a mystical way to bring forth spirits. With time, people stopped fearing that these cards might summon the souls of our dead peers and started perceiving it like it really is: a way to get a little extra guidance and insight to deal with their curiosities and uncertainties regarding the future. 

Now, if you've never seen a psychic before, buckle up because you're in for an exciting ride. Forget the crystal balls, headscarves, or any other preconceived notions you may have about fortunetelling. Think of tarot card readings as a mystical experience that will help you get in touch with yourself and give you insights on your future. 

Tips to make the most out of your next tarot card reading

So, now you know what to expect from your next tarot cards reading. But you may still feel confused about what to ask or how to find the right reader for you. Keep reading below our five tips that will help you get the most out of your next tarot card reading. 

  1. Find a reader you vibe with

That's right, not every reader might be right for you. 

During tarot cards reading, you get into some pretty personal stuff when discussing with the reader. So, it must be a person that you feel comfortable with. 

What's more, the reader might have their own strategy in leading the session. While one reader might ask you to shuffle the cards, another reader might ask you to have a conversation before they start reading the cards for you. Or, one reader might prefer for both of you to just sit in silence until they can see something about your life in the cards. 

So, it's essential to choose a reader whose style suits your needs and expectations. 

But, how do you choose a reader without spending a fortune for multiple sessions? You can get online and look for an online tarot card reading sites that offer free minutes so that you can test more psychics and choose the one you best vibe with. This article from Inquirer shares the best online tarot card reading sites with free minutes. 

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  1. Prepare questions with an open-end

You'd think that yes-no questions are easier to answer for the reader. Yet, these types of questions are actually more restrictive and can stump the reading. 

Prepare questions that start with "what" or "how" so that you avoid open-ended questions and encourage more conversation with the reader. 

For example, if you want to find out if you're going to be rich in the future, don't just simply ask the reader "Am I going to be rich?" but rather ask them "What should I know and do to make a successful career that will make me rich?". 

In other words, when seeing a tarot cards reader, aim for a more rounded-out conversation, not just for simple answers because this is how you better gain insights about yourself and your future. 

  1. Avoid time-related questions

We all want to know exactly when a certain thing will happen in the future. Yet, tarot card readings might not have these types of answers. 

When something happens is a tricky question for which no reader has an exact answer to. What's more, knowing a time frame might not make you feel empowered and prepared for what's coming next in your life, but it might instead make you feel stressed out. 

  1. Be forthcoming

It takes time before you start trusting your reader and feel comfortable to open up in your conversations. Yet, the sooner you do this, the more the reader will be able to tell you. 

Don't be secretive only to make the reader prove themselves and tell you everything about your life just by looking at you because that's not how tarot card readings work

The more you tell your reader, the more accurate insights they can share with you. 

  1. Let the reader interpret the cards before you freak out

You've probably done your research before attending the tarot card reading an know that some cards, especially those who look scary like the death and devil cards, are a bad sign. But, even if you see the reader pulling some of these cards, don't start freaking out before the reader interprets it for you. 

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

These cards rarely mean something really bad like your physical death. They can mean something about a transformation you'll be going through. For example, if you ask the reader about your love life and the death card comes up, this doesn't necessarily mean that your marriage or relationship is over. It can be a sign that there's a transformation happening in your love life. As for the devil card, it isn't a sign for a malefic spirit that is haunting you. It only represents temptations that you may be experiencing in your life.