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Development of modern technologies has an impact on people’s lives in a great number of aspects, and education is not an exception. Today, students use their computers to prepare for classes, to find the materials for assignments online as it is a fast and easy way to have access to the required books, so it is important to compare the usefulness of textbooks and computers in classes and define which option is the best for students.
Are computers more expensive?

Textbooks or Laptops

A lot of people claim that computers are useful for study, but not all students can afford to buy laptops to use them in classes.

A lot of people claim that computers are useful for study, but not all students can afford to buy laptops to use them in classes. On the one hand, this statement can be defined as a true one, but it is important to take into consideration other factors in this question. Using a textbook in classes can be considered as expensive too, as students have to buy a separate book for each class. At the same time, students can buy a budget-friendly laptop with basic function in order to use it for all classes and to use it for other types of work. In the modern educational system, one of the most common types of work in classes is essays, and a majority of teachers prefer to get essays in electronic format. It is useful for students as they do not have to write essays by hand, it is easier to review the assignment for the professor, and the student has more option for work to be done in a proper and fast way. The laptop can be used in classes for the educational process, which requires not only reading books and articles but also writing essays for college students is an important part of the work process in classes. So, computers in classes are not only affordable but also necessary and useful option which can make the educational process to be more effective and comfortable both for students and teachers.

Eco-friendly tool for the study

In the modern world, a problem of protection of the environment is an important topic which is often discussed in the context of new technologies. A lot of people refuse from using paper books in order to save the planet from the waste of materials. It is easy to consider the number the trees which should be cut down in order to produce textbooks for all the students in order to understand the importance of the use of computers in classes. Development of new technologies gave people a lot of opportunities, and one of these options is related to the chance to protect the environment and make some aspects of people’s lives such as a study to be eco-friendly. Also, the use of computers in classes in the context of the protection of the environment can help students from early years to understand the problem of ecology in the modern world and teach them to take care of it in other aspects of their lives.

Important skills

Computers in classes can help students to learn important skills which can help them in the future. It is a widely known fact that the skills of effective work with a computer are an essential part of the qualification in the modern world which defines a professional worker. A lot of fields of people’s activities are connected to new technologies, so it is essential to learn how to work effectively with computers from the early years. There is another opinion which is based on the statement that students should use textbooks as it can help them to develop their reading skills and it also has a positive impact on the process of learning through the tactile part of reading. However, it can be stated that in the age of new technologies and computers it is a matter of time when people will stop using paper books in order to save forests and to let the planet breathe, so the development of skills of work with computers is more important than education with paper textbooks.


Another opinion which supports the use of paper textbooks in classes is based on the statement that with the help of paper textbooks students can develop a better strategy for learning and what is more important to get a better motivation with the help of observation and analysis of their progress. There are a lot of questions to this statement as modern technologies offer a great number of tools and opportunities for students which can help them to develop a useful strategy for the learning process and to analyze the progress in classes with the help of special programs. Computers in classes can be used not only for reading textbooks but also for the development of a useful strategy for the learning process as electronic books can be used in the same way as paper ones. The difference is based on the physical process of using these tools for study, but it does not impact negatively the effectiveness of the results of a study which can be reached by students with the use of electronic books instead of paper ones.

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Responsibility and communication

There are a lot of benefits to the use of computers instead of paper textbooks, but conservative teachers are concerned about how they can control the learning process in class. A lot of teachers require their students not to use devices in classes because it can distract students from the working process. So, the use of computers in classes becomes a problem for teachers who are afraid that they cannot control each student and be sure that they use computers for study but not for chatting or playing games. It must be noted that this aspect can be easily controlled by teachers with the help of special programs. Also, the process of communication with teachers becomes more effective with the use of computers in educational process because the teacher can leave commentaries to the study materials and help students in the case if they do not understand a particular passage with the help of instant electronic communication.

Future of education

There are a lot of benefits of use of computers in classes but the main one is based on the necessity to adjust to future changes which are the matter of time because development of new technologies is the main characteristic of the past decade, so students get a great opportunity to get all the benefits from these new tools. Computers are easy to use, it can be considered to be an important investment in the process of education and future success of the student in the career as it can help to develop important skills of work with new technologies.

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