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Though it feels like, it has been around for a long while, the internet has only been in the mainstream since the late 1990s. After its inception, the internet took hold of the world and showcased its prominence to the world. Gradually, the internet started to become the crux of everything. In the year, 2007, 5.1% of retail sales were registered online. Every year, it kept increasing. By the year, 2019, it shot to 29%. It was around this time when the online poker industry was nurturing its gradual but impressive growth. The 1994 Free Trade and Processing Act in Antigua and Barbuda gave the legal framework for the online poker and casino sites. After this, there was a rush of online poker sites.

Online Poker

The Much-Awaited Poker Boom

Pokie games online started to become highly popular among the people who were an ardent fan of land-based casinos. After the act, poker’s gradual growth soon turned into exponential advancements. The period between 2003 and 2006 was the crucial phase for the poker industry.

The increased popularity of online poker even gave rise to poker tournaments and events that were held on a global scale.

The increased popularity of online poker even gave rise to poker tournaments and events that were held on a global scale. World Series of Poker, the leading international championship of poker is one of the globally reckoned events for poker. Such events got great coverage on sports channels in the US and Canada.

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The widespread of this online game could be witnessed in the number of players entering the World Series of Poker. If stats are to be believed, around 839 people entered in the years 2003; the numbers shot 8773 by the year 2006.

The Sturdy Competition

It is true that online gaming is now a big industry that is continuously mounting up its revenue. The online poker gaming platform offers more than just poker; they provide other products like sports betting, online casino, bingo, etc. However, poker was always the product they used to attract the players and kindled their interests. Just like any other industry, poker also had its share of rivalry. In the tough competition, it becomes more than important for poker sites to stand out from the crowd.

In an attempt to gain more popularity, the poker platforms started to introduce an innovative version of the games and provide something exciting and rewarding to the new players. For instance, along with the traditional poker games like Omaha Hi/Lo and Texas Hold’em, poker platforms started introducing poker tournaments and series that become the brand new way to earn magnanimously.

The Influence of Pop Culture

Another major trigger for the wide popularity of online poker games was the pop culture. The globally popular James Bond movie, Casino Royale, 2006, depicted the tantalizing scenario of casinos and poker. Such movies influenced the boom of poker online games and the international online poker industry started to follow pop culture. There are plenty of celebrities who also engaged in online poker and contributed to this boom. There’s no doubt in asserting that online poker has become the billion-dollar industry by all senses.